The Jerilderie Letter : Part One

“Dear Sir, I wish to acquaint you with some of the occurrences of the present past and future……..” So begins Ned Kellys Jerliderie Letter, a polite and deferential beginning to a letter that ends with violent threats and a non-negotiable command “My orders must be obeyed” This is a document that’s truly remarkable not only […]

Site Review : Iron Icon

Iron Icon is Bill Denhelds personal Kelly website, and its mostly about a quest that Bill has been on for many years, to establish the exact place at which the Police Murders took place at Stringybark Creek. However there are many other discussions about related historical Kelly matters that are also fascinating.For example he supports […]

Helping the Poor

Perhaps the most attractive image  of Ned Kelly is of him helping the poor, an image which gave rise to the idea that he was Australias Robin Hood. If anyone knows anything at all about Robin Hood, the first thing they will tell you is that he robbed from the rich and gave to the […]

NKF Behaviour

NKF Dummy Spit AN EXPLANATION :The Post below about the NKF was first published in June but has recently been removed by Blogger after complaints from NKF. If you make a complaint to Blogger about a Blog Post  – and its very easy to do – Blogger ( i.e. Google ) automatically removes the Post […]

Reflections around the Crown Jewels

Queen Elizabeth and the Crown Jewels The episode in Ned Kellys life where Constable Lonigan  grabbed him by the “Privates” – the “crown jewels” is what Peter Fitzsimons calls them –   is  one of those events that is recounted and retold to demonstrate yet again what nasty brutes the Police were. This practice, according to […]