Copyright in brief

Firstly, the correct spelling is COPYRIGHT – how many times do we have to point this out to the NKF Key Master?Secondly, as I am banned from commenting on their Facebook Page, and no doubt even if I tried I would not be permitted to be a Member of the Forum itself – or would […]

Neducator, Banker.

Ten days ago I predicted on this Blog  that this year the Kelly fanatics would mostly preoccupy themselves with attacking me rather than  responding to any of the issues that I was going to be raising. Sure enough, after I posted my discussion about  Morrisseys PhD thesis they proved me right by having another mad […]

Fanaticism is a scourge

In a Comment following my Post about Morrisseys PhD thesis,  “Brendan” makes a number of  statements that I would like to respond to. Firstly, he asks this question: “You keep calling people who sympathize with Ned Kelly ‘ Kelly fanatics ‘, but aren’t you (Dee) a Kelly fanatic yourself? That’s a fair question, and this […]