State Murder is Always Wrong

You made mistakes, but didnt deserve to die.  Watching the mother of Myuran Sukumaran weeping and pleading for the life of her son on TV last night was heart wrenching. But there was never any real prospect that her pleas or those of our political leaders, human rights Lawyers, or even the United Nations were […]

Ned Kelly is the real Villain.

This beautiful Stained Glass Window is in the Holy Cross Catholic Church at Moyhu. It was donated in 1874 in commemoration of his wife  Catherine by James Whitty, a man the Iron Outlaw Website ignorantly describes as a “Real Villain” The next item on Ned Kellys charge sheet, Horse Stealing, related to the so-called Whitty […]

Ned Kelly : Drunk and Resisting Arrest

So, while Ned Kelly may have worked  in legitimate employment of various kinds after his release from prison in 1874, he wasn’t “going straight” as the Kelly myth would have us believe. Instead, he was flying under the radar and avoiding detection. Ned Kelly nearly came unstuck in 1876 with the Lydeker case, but in […]

Ned Kelly Fails to go Straight

Ned Kelly was released from Pentridge Prison in February 1874, having received six months remission off his three year sentence for receiving, yet another fact which contradicts the Kelly claim that the Authorities were out to get them at every opportunity.  If they had been, wouldn’t they have come up with an excuse to keep […]

“A Terror to Evil Doers”

“Exploding the Kelly Myth” is the sort of line I could have written,  but the line that grabbed my attention was on the front of The Good Weekend Magazine. I could hardly believe my eyes – and tried not to get my hopes up as I turned to the article entitled “The True History of […]

Hall arrests Ned Kelly

Morbid Obesity ought to disqualify someone from being in the Police Force As Sharon pointed out similar names keep cropping up in the Kelly story, and “Hall” is one of them – theres “Brave Ben Hall” the bushranger that was gunned down by Police when Ned was 10, and who quite possibly was some sort […]

3 Years Hard Labour for Receiving

After having received the benefit of the doubt in relation to the charges that resulted in his first two appearances in Court, on the third occasion Ned Kelly wasn’t so lucky and he was sentenced to six months hard labour at Beechworth Prison, for Assault and for Indecent Behaviour.  His mother paid out £60 in […]