Neds brother Jim

A central part of the Kelly story is that Ned was unfairly  hounded, harassed and persecuted by the Police,  something which he eventually reacted against, becoming what is often termed a ‘Police-made criminal’. On this Blog a year ago I reviewed the criminal record of Ned Kelly in detail, looking for the evidence of this […]

The Sleeping Giant !

A couple of months ago a moribund Kelly related forum stirred, as if it was coming back to life, made a few unpleasant comments about me and some of the others who contribute to this Blog, called for this blog to be boycotted and then sank back into its death-bed and hasn’t moved a muscle […]

Discuss the Kelly Gang Unmasked

The Author and his landmark challenge to Kelly mythology I have repeatedly written that my intention in this blog is not to change the minds of the die-hard Kelly sympathisers, but to provide corrections to the errors, and balance to the arguments made by such people about the Kelly story, so that interested and open-minded […]

Ned Kelly : The Man Behind the Mask

Unbelievably, already this year two new books have been published about Ned Kelly. The first was the appalling  “Ned : Knight in Aussie Armour’ by Eugenie Navarre which we reviewed over two Posts here a couple of weeks ago. Its such a dreadful publication that I am not surprised that not a single Kelly sympathizer […]