The Outlaws of the Wombat Ranges

This is the memorial erected at Mansfield in honour of the police slain in the Wombat Ranges Stuart Dawson is doing some interesting research into the Kelly story.  He showed by detailed critical analysis of the major element of the Kelly legend known as the  “Fitzpatrick Incident” that it was a myth.Dawson showed that Fitzpatrick, […]

200,000 Visits.

Prince of Wales Mine The Blog passed 200,000 views on Friday!  It took two years to attract the first 100,000 views, but only ten months to get the second 100,000 a very pleasing growth in readership. Since May last year while we endured the Kelly Vaults long drawn out promotion of the Unforgotten Photo, and […]

CSI Pseudoscience : Exhibit ONE

Just so that everyone understands why I keep calling the CSI Report Pseudoscience, I will illustrate the weakness of their argument where it relates to this Photograph, one of the two famous photographs of the actual place where Lonigan and Scanlan were killed, at the site of the Police encampment at Stringybark Creek. This extraordinary […]