Kelly Myth-making takes a huge hit.

To Steve Jager, Aidan Phelan and Matthew Holmes, Australia has spoken : there are 24,243,756 people who didn’t support your plan to make another movie about the psychopath criminal bully, thief, liar, hostage taker, triple police murderer and failed wannabe mass murderer, Ned Kelly and only 401 who did. There IS a message in those […]

Understand the Fitzpatrick Incident

“I honestly believe the whole scenario at the Kelly hut on the 15th of April 1878 was one big setup by police long before Fitzpatrick’s arrival at the hut.” (‘Crichton’s view’ – can be found on the Iron Outlaw website as ‘Keep ya powder dry’) The simple facts of the events of April 15th 1878 are […]