Ned Kelly was a compulsive liar

Even on Death Row, Ned Kelly couldn’t stop telling lies If anyone doesn’t believe me when I say that Ned Kelly was a notorious liar, here’s a few examples of lies taken from another of the Letters that Ned Kelly wrote. This letter was written from Gaol, 6 days before he was hanged, witnessed by […]

Words of Inspiration from Ned Kelly

Anyone interested in understanding the mind of Ned Kelly has to carefully read the entire Jerilderie Letter. The reason you must read the Letter yourself is because it records many of Ned Kelly’s thoughts and it provides a clear insight into his personality.  But you also must read it yourself because most popular descriptions of […]

The Madness of the CSI Case

This is the actual place everyone is arguing about. This image was captured less than a week after Ned Kelly murdered Police right there, in that very place, by those logs. There are many things about this photo and its twin photo that have been debated at length over the years, and the debate goes […]