Ned Kelly Outlawed: The Victorian Felons Apprehension Act 1878 – Popular Myths about Kelly’s ‘Outlawry’ corrected

Here’s the outcome of another meticulously researched and argued investigation by Dr Stuart Dawson, which like all his others, corrects mistaken claims that have been part of the Kelly mythology for generations. This one is for people with a genuine interest in discovering and understanding the mechanics of colonial outlawry, which rules out most Kelly […]

Thomas Newman McIntyre didn’t lie but Ned Kelly and his supporters did – and still do.( Part Two)

Thomas Newman McIntyre : A decent brave and honest man, disgracefully abused by the lies of  Kelly and his supporters past and present.     McIntyres third encounter with Kelly was two months after the meeting at Glenrowan, in the middle of winter, at Kellys Committal in Beechworth. To protect him from sympathiser attack, McIntyre […]

Thomas Newman McIntyre did not lie but Kelly and the myth makers did. Part 1

Sarcasm is the ‘lowest form of wit’ according to Oscar Wilde, a description that applies perfectly to the attempts at humour to be found in “A letter to Thomas” by Kelly Conspiracy Theorist and ‘Keep Ya Powder Dry’ author Alan Crichton.  Crichton’s ‘letter’ is a mocking, sarcastic and cruel attack on the character of yet another honourable […]