The Trial

The idea that Ned Kelly didn’t get a fair trial is a core belief of Kelly fanatics, who maintain that he shouldn’t have been hanged for the killing of Lonigan at Stringybark Creek because Kelly shot him in self defence; it was Kill or be Killed! The Fanatics claim Ned Kellys problem was that he […]

Ned Kelly : A Lawless Life

I think we can take it from its title, that in writing this book Doug Morrissey was taking aim first and foremost at the work of Ian Jones, a man Morrissey describes somewhat patronisingly I feel as “the best known of the myth-makers….despite his lack of academic credentials” The titles of these two authors major […]

The End of the Line?

In the Comments following the Police Blogpost, I wrote this: “… its slowly dawning on me that there aren’t that many people with an ACTIVE interest in Ned Kelly. They have views about him but as with most things these are opinions based on little or no serious study or reflection. The NKF Key Master […]

The Social Bandit

 “Tom Roberts – Bailed up – Google Art Project” by Tom Roberts  McQuiltons 1979 book “The Kelly Outbreak” is subtitled “The geographical Dimension of Social Banditry” and it’s a truly fascinating book to read. He attempts not only to describe what happened in the Outbreak – as others had already done before – but also […]

Death Row

There are a  couple of things going on in the News at present which keep reminding me of the Kelly Story, and I wonder if other people think about these parallels too. The first is the imminent execution of two Australians who have been in prison in Indonesia for about ten years. It seems their […]

The Police

Constable Thomas Longans grave at Mansfield. A central  feature of Kelly mythology is a belief that began in the mind of Ned Kelly that the Kelly outbreak occurred because the Police of the time were profoundly corrupt, vengeful, immoral, lazy and untrustworthy. As a result, he and his family were unfairly targeted and persecuted and he […]