The Murders at SBC

So now we come to Ned Kellys most heinous crime, the killing of three innocent Policemen at Stringybark Creek.  Had he been successful, Neds plans for Glenrowan would have involved even greater violence, and murder in far larger numbers, but thankfully his plans were thwarted, leaving the events at SBC the central and defining act […]

Imagining Ned Exhibition

How often do you see a photo of the back of the armour? And is that Dees family reflection? Or the side? Great Depiction of the Gang by Chevalier Matania, 1930.  This work was on loan from “The Collection of Leigh Olver”  the Kelly descendant whose Mitochondrial DNA matched that of the Bones identified as […]

That Bloody Fitzpatrick

Ned Kelly admitted that he stole horses, but he claimed that was Whittys fault. Ned Kelly also admitted killing the Police at Stringybark Creek, but this time it was Fitzpatricks fault : “Fitzpatrick was the cause of all this” he wrote in the Jerilderie Letter, and modern day Kelly sympathisers believe it. But is it […]