Peter Careys Ned Kelly Fantasy

This book has become part of the modern Kelly story for many people, not just in Australia but throughout the world. Additionally, it also has an important place in the annals of Australian literature, its special qualities earning its author a  rare second Booker Prize, and elevating Peter Carey to the status of truly great […]

Why are we waiting?

Whose eyes are these? I am amazed at how little response there has been to the excellent interview Matt Shore gave to NKCentral. Announcing that nobody will be able to be 100% sure its Ned seems to have stunned the fans who were obviously hoping for something better than that. From whats been made available […]

The Ned Kelly Photo Gallery

Ned Kelly aged 16 : Harry Power, Ah Fook and McCormick incidents already behind him Like everyone interested in the Kelly story, I am looking forward to seeing the photo that is being prepared for public display at the Ned Kelly Vault in Beechworth. The Vault have been talking up this photo for several months now, […]