I am on Holiday

I am not going to be making new Posts for a few weeks as I am heading overseas for a long break. I will not be able to moderate Comments as readily as I usually can so the Blog is going to slow down for a bit. Normal service will resume in November but there […]

Another Misfire from the Kelly Dud

For someone who doesn’t believe Ned Kelly was present when Fitzpatrick claimed to have been shot in the wrist by him, Mick Fitzsimons wastes an enormous amount of energy trying to prove there couldn’t have been anything wrong with Neds revolver! If Ned wasn’t there, who cares about the capabilities of his revolver? Fitzsimons believes […]

Such is Life? No more!

Stuart Dawson has done it again! He’s the academic from Monash University who last year uncovered the distortions, the inaccuracies and the outright lies that the Ned Kelly story-tellers include in their accounts of Constable Fitzpatricks role in the outbreak. He debunked the Fitzpatrick mythology, and now hes debunked another bit of Mythology in the […]