The Condemned Cell Letters confirm that Ned Kelly lost his mind in 1880.

  Ned Kellys plan for Glenrowan was described as ‘mad’ by a well-known Kelly sympathiser and spokeswoman for the Kelly story. As far as I know, no other Kelly sympathiser has ever challenged that description, and certainly no truly objective observer would disagree: even Ian Jones said it would have been a ‘criminal atrocity on […]


Kelly sympathisers discussing Lonigan’s death a few days ago recycled arguments that were disproved years ago, and contributed nothing new to the debate. They kicked out a contributor who offered a reasoned evidence based rebuttal because, according to the Admin of the site, Members were getting ‘upset’. So, by the time the thread ended, the […]

Kelly Sympathisers Respond with…..the usual rubbish : personal insult, conspiracy theory and malicious guesswork

Nobody dared challenge me in a Forum where I could respond directly  so they did it from places Ive been banned from – which is their usual tactic, and of course they were led by Mad Mick Fitzsimons and his little band of toadies.  The desperate irrational lengths these people went to in order cling […]

The recent ‘Last Stand’ commemoration proved it : hardly anyone gives a stuff about Kelly mythology anymore.

  Last month I predicted before the anniversary of Ned Kellys capture that this year any kind of commemoration or celebration of it by Kelly devotees would be a flop, because even in Victoria interest in celebrating debunked Kelly mythology has fallen to barely recordable levels. Kelly sympathisers have already noticed it themselves and have […]