Part Four of Stuart Dawsons analysis of Bill Denhelds big new book ‘A certain Truth.’ Bill says that the Gang didn’t ambush the police at SBC…..

This post is Part 4 of a review of Bill Denheld’s Ned Kelly – Australian Iron Icon: A Certain Truth (2024), by Stuart Dawson. As before, bracketed numbers, e.g., (xx), refers to pages in Bill’s book. Bill disputes my description of Stringybark Creek as an ambush by defining ‘ambush’ as “a surprise attack by people […]

The Fitzpatrick “Incident” as told by Bill Denheld in ‘A Certain Truth’. Analysis by Stuart Dawson, author of “Redeeming Fitzpatrick”

  This post is Part 3 of a review by Stuart Dawson of Bill Denheld’s  book “Ned Kelly – Australian Iron Icon: A Certain Truth (2024)”. Part 1 made some initial observations on Bill’s claim that a kind of proto-republican sentiment existed in Victoria and in the north-east in particular in the years leading up […]

Was Ned Kelly adopted ?

Chapter 3 of Bills  Denhelds just published book “A Certain Truth”  is titled “Who was Ned Kelly?” and it includes a photo of an article from the Herald Sun of 24th August 2008, which quotes Bill saying this: “Some researchers believe Kelly was adopted as a young child”. By “some researchers” I believe he is […]