BOOK REVIEW : The Story of Ned Kelly (Translated from French)

 “The story of Ned Kelly” by Marie-Ève de Grave (text) and Jean-Jaques de Grave (linocut etchings). Five Mile Press, October 2020. Reviewed by Stuart. Browsing my library’s catalogue I spotted this recent illustrated book and thought I should have a look at how the Kelly story was being presented in France in 2017.This 2020 English translation sells […]

Should SC Mayes have been sacked?

Quite apart from both being policemen, Sergeant Steele and Constable Fitzpatrick have several other important things in common, not the least of which is that for decades their memories have been completely trashed and dragged through the mud by Kelly admirers. Kelly sympathisers won’t ever concede this fact, blinded as they are to truth by […]

The Kennedy Tree is Dead

ABOVE : Ned Kelly Sympathisers lined up in front of the now officially debunked “Kennedy Tree”   In 2019, a group of four amateur historians calling themselves the Kennedy Tree Group announced in a media campaign that they believed they had found the actual tree beside which Ned Kelly murdered Sgt Michael Kennedy in 1878. […]

‘Kate Kelly: the true story of Ned Kellys little sister’ and ‘Lament’: The two latest “Kelly” books reviewed

‘Lament’ continues the trend started by Aidan Phelan last year for Kelly devotees to write historical fiction, rather than attempt the more difficult task of separating facts from fiction and writing the true story. Author Nicole Kelly – not a relation – says she’s ‘loved the story of the Kelly gang’ as long as she […]