‘Kate Kelly: the true story of Ned Kellys little sister’ and ‘Lament’: The two latest “Kelly” books reviewed

‘Lament’ continues the trend started by Aidan Phelan last year for Kelly devotees to write historical fiction, rather than attempt the more difficult task of separating facts from fiction and writing the true story. Author Nicole Kelly – not a relation – says she’s ‘loved the story of the Kelly gang’ as long as she […]

Book Review: ‘The Stringybark Creek Police Murders’ by Dr Doug Morrissey. (Part One)

“I would rather have my eyes gouged out than read this book”  Well known Kelly sympathiser and conspiracy theorist demonstrating his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the truth.His FB page is dedicated to discrediting a Kelly book he admits to having never read!   Writing this review of Doug Morrissey’s third and final book of […]