Why are we waiting?

Whose eyes are these?
I am amazed at how little response there has been to the excellent interview Matt Shore gave to NKCentral. Announcing that nobody will be able to be 100% sure its Ned seems to have stunned the fans who were obviously hoping for something better than that. From whats been made available publicly so far, my feeling is still that it probably IS Ned, but as I keep saying, I am going to be guided by the forensics. 
As this Photo is not going to be on Public display for at least a couple more MONTHS according to the Interview, the only place where there will be anything interesting happening in the Kelly world until then will be on my Blog.Ive been very busy with work and school holiday stuff this week and haven’t had enough time to complete my latest Post – but its on its way. Its a book review. I have several other posts in the pipeline actually, but the BIG one is going to be about SBC, which is still a couple of weeks away.And I am still waiting for Mark Perrys promised review of the life of Sir Redmond Barry, a man whose memory is ignorantly maligned as a rogue on the Iron Outlaw site. This is another Kelly myth that has to be corrected.
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  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    Can anybody suggest the justification for Bill Bryson's claim Ned Kelly shot his victims in the testicles and let them bleed to death?

  2. Anonymous says: Reply

    That's Tom Lloyd

  3. WOW! Koala Stamp for you!

  4. Anonymous says: Reply


  5. Like you Dee, I have been pretty busy. Life is full at the moment with work, family and then my MS acted up. Stand by. My intentions are good. Feel free to post your own though. I will not be offended. And indeed it is Tom Lloyd. Around the time of the outbreak I would suggest. Great pic.

    Yes, I very much enjoyed Matt Shores interview. I think it put us all well and truly in the picture. So to speak. Looking forward to seeing it in all it's glory.

  6. Just a friendly reminder! No rush but this year would be good!

  7. Its sort of like Waiting For Godot, isn't it?

  8. Grant Mitchell says: Reply

    NB The Boxing Ned pic is presumed to be of him. But he wasn't a boxer – and the Christie's Ned in a suit was shown to be not him at all.

  9. Grant Mitchell says: Reply

    The true facts are these: All the photos of Ned we have today were taken in jail!

    There is no evidence I know of that he went to a commercial photographer for a portrait.

    In 1874, he was just a horse thief.

  10. Hi Grant. Ned in boxing pose is obviously not a prison pic. It has also been authenticated at the same time Gentleman Ned was shown not to be our guy. The 3D death mask image did not fit Gentleman Ned. It did however, fit Boxing Ned. No, Ned wasn't a boxer but the event was obviously worthy of commemoration. The mark on the mount is Chidley, who was a Melbourne photographer. Any why wouldn't Kelly go to a commercial photographer for a portrait? He was vain so that seems very characteristic. Aaron Sherritt and other members of his family did too. As did Joe Byrne, Steve and Dick Hart and countless others. A custom of the day was to exchange portraits too. So who knows? There may be other great stuff out there waiting to be found?

  11. Mark do you know who is it that fits the 3D death mask to the photos? It would be fascinating to see this match-up being done for the Boxing Ned and the Gentleman Ned photos and I presume it is also being done for the latest photograph. I read somewhere that Heath Ledgers face was a good match for the death mask as well…

  12. Grant Mitchell says: Reply

    Points taken Mark. Thanks.

  13. You have an offer of a personal preview of the photograph yourself,have your accommodation paid for,as well as beestings and coffee at the Beechworth bakery with Matt Shore (!!) …yet you STILL refuse to show yourself at Beechworth Dee? Too busy with work is a flimsy excuse.Wanting to send 'Peter Newman' in your place (ahem) is an even more laughable one. Come off it. Put your 'mug' where your mouth is.

    The photo is not him though.I've seen it.Mouth is completely wrong,hairline and overall face shape is not right.Another case of wishful thinking where people are just seeing what they want to.Still, you would get a free trip to Beechworth.

    No more excuses.

  14. I am not making excuses, and the offer from Peter Newman was genuine. He made the offer because he lives down that way and I don’t. Getting to Beechworth and back in a weekend would be a long tiring trip. But as I will probably eventually get to see the Photo in my holidays without having to compromise my anonymity, that is what will happen.

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