Kelly Myth-making takes a huge hit.

To Steve Jager, Aidan Phelan and Matthew Holmes, Australia has spoken : there are 24,243,756 people who didn’t support your plan to make another movie about the psychopath criminal bully, thief, liar, hostage taker, triple police murderer and failed wannabe mass murderer, Ned Kelly and only 401 who did. There IS a message in those numbers. Please stay true to your word : “If we don’t reach our target of AUD$2,500,000 by June 30th, the film will not go ahead.” 

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  1. Theres no doubt about it – the quest for support for a Kelly movie was a phenomenal failure : 401 backers is almost no support at all.
    Before all this started I made a rough guess at how much support there could be for it, and no doubt Matthew Holmes did the same thing. I calculated that if only 1 adult out of a thousand actively supported Ned Kelly there would be 15,000 possible donors, and if they all pledged $150.00 (much less than the average pledge to the Ben Hall movie) the target was within reach. ( Working age adults = 2/3 of total population say 15 million, divided by 1000 = 15,000 X $150 = $2.2m )
    But I thought to myself, surely Ned Kelly has more support than 1 out of every thousand adults?
    As we can now all see so very clearly, the answer to that question is no he doesn't! In fact Ned Kelly has a whole lot less support than one in every thousand adult Australians, and as I am quite confident that most of the die-hard Kelly supporters would have made a pledge , we now have a good idea of how many of those there are : lets round it up to be generous, to 500 people! Double it again if you like, call it 1000 and that would be somewhere near the ball park figure : 1000 Australians believe in the Kelly Legend and 24,243,756 who don't!
    There are many possible contributors to this failure, and I think many of them are nothing to do with the Kelly story but the inherent conservatism of Australians, their unfamiliarity with crowdfunding, their reluctance to get involved, nervousness about internet pledges and so on. But without doubt, the greatest contributor to the Kickstarter Campaigns failure was a massive miscalculation as to how much support Ned Kelly has in the wider community. Theres a very small and very noisy collection of die-hards and fanatics in Victoria, but elsewhere nobody wants to know!
    This fact needs to be widely reported because it explains why Glenrowan is a ghost town, why the Ned Kelly Weekend has vanished, why Kelly webpages are disappearing or silent. But perhaps more importantly this information need to be passed on to public administrators thinking about tipping money into ventures promoted by this tiny noisy minority of Kelly fanciers. They will be spending public money on things the Public have now shown quite clearly that they're not all that interested in. If the Kelly fanatics want to spend their own money on such things, they are welcome to do so, but Public money shouldn't be spent promoting the private mythology of maybe 1000 Victorians.

  2. The Legend of Ned Kelly movie fail: AU$ 121,164 pledged of AU$ 2,500,000 goal. 5% of target reached. 401 backers. Average pledge size $302.15. Average daily backers 10.6. Funding Unsuccessful. This project's funding goal was not reached. Sob.

  3. Stop gloating Dee. Your pathetic post both here and on your facebook page once again shows you for the person you really are. A bitter and twisted one eyed ex cop. You should seek help mate. Your sick.

  4. No, sorry I won't, and I won't stop rubbing it in, that the Kelly fanatics have shot themselves in the foot with this Campaign because it has revealed the numbers of Australians who are Kelly fanciers like you is a very tiny almost non-existent minority. Why would I stop gloating when after all the crap I have copped over the last three years from the likes of you, with your dumb and wrong identity guesses, your abuse and vilification of me and other contributors who put time and effort into trying to understand the truth about the Kelly story you hand me a perfect opportunity to rub your faces in it. Suck it up sunshine. Your myths are finished. Go hide back in your echo-chamber.

  5. Brian Tate says: Reply

    Did you put any money up Mick?

  6. Other people on his FB page said that they did, giving him a perfect opportunity to brag about his own contribution but he didn't say a word, so I'm guessing he didn't – too tight to give up his 'hard-earned'. But he doesn't answer here Brian so we'll never know!

  7. Brian Tate says: Reply

    I just thought that 'Anonymous' might 'know' him Dee.

  8. Peter Newman says: Reply

    Well I put my hand up. But despite my interest in the subject I only knew the Kickstarter campaign had started when I saw a comment by Stuart Dawson that he had kicked in. If I hadn't seen that comment, then I would have not been aware of the Kickstarter campaign. Maybe lack of awareness is the reason if failed?

  9. Sorry Peter your comment has been waiting all day for me to put it up – Ive been out and about.

    I agree public awareness may not have been as good as they wanted but they did get radio and newspaper interviews, and I mentioned it on the Blog a few times. My main point though is that I think the committed Kelly enthusiast community would have all known about it, and would have mostly contributed to the Campaign, and thus we have a sort of proxy for a Poll of community Kelly sympathy.

  10. Agree with anon. Stop gloating Dee. It makes you look like a vindictive old moll at a christening. Pull your head in.

  11. Stuart Dawson says: Reply

    Hi Peter, I have no idea how much reach social media has as I don't use it, but having greatly enjoyed the Ben Hall DVD, I still think that had the Kelly film reached its Kickstarter goal it would have been visually spectacular regardless of any arguments about content.

  12. OK I am going to stop gloating now!

  13. As I wrote not so long ago, you would have to be an idiot to be unable to make an amazing movie about the life of Ned Kelly. Or words to that effect. And Matthew Holmes is no idiot. He would have made a great movie. I would just like it to be true as well.

  14. Anonymous says: Reply

    Go headbutt a knife Dee!

  15. Anonymous says: Reply

    My god! Your actually suggesting someone kill themselves with this kind of comment! If you anonymous can hate someone so much that you would get this low you need actual help! And I'm not even joking. It's sick and disturbing how obsessed you lot are with your hatred. And you don't do your friends any favours with this kind of "suggestive" comment, it's just sick. Online bullying is such a huge problem in society, and then we have sick twisted comments like this by "adults". And besides all that you can be charged for pressuring people to kill themseleves! Did you think of that?

  16. Yep. Agree Anon. Now the Kelly world descends into violence. Again! Not a good look. And a bad vibe for the rest of us. I can be a hard arse too at times but I would never, ever say such a thing as this. We are supposed to be better than this.

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