Ned Kelly wasn’t a Bushranger: he was a Terrorist

“The notion that any political agenda would justify the killing of innocent people like this is something that is beyond the pale.”
So said President Obama last night ( March 22nd 2016) when discussing the terrorist attacks yesterday in Belgium. No-one is posting pictures of the dead, but the ones below of survivors should remind Kelly sympathisers of exactly what it was that Ned Kelly wanted to see in  Glenrowan.

Abu Hamza, convicted terrorist
Ned Kelly, convicted terrorist.

Both these men planned violent acts of protest involving guns, murder and explosives. Both had grievances that seemed real enough to themselves, and perhaps in part might have been legitimate. Both stood up for what they believed in, were prepared to fight for what they thought was right, and both planned to directly confront what they regarded to be corrupt Authority.  One of them planned to attack members of the Armed forces at a Defence Establishment in New South Wales. The other planned to attack and kill Police on a train in Victoria. One of them killed several people and by his actions a  number of others died. The other never actually killed or even hurt anyone – but he was found guilty because he was planning to!  In Australia today though most people regard both of these men as criminals and enemies of society, some regard one of them as a hero and an icon. Could anything be more ridiculous? They are  both the enemies of decent society, two peas in a pod, and both are deserving of our utmost condemnation. 

Ned Kelly planned to use the murder of an innocent man to lure Police into a trap, in which many would die in a train wreck, and survivors would be killed by a gang in armour. He was hanged for an unrelated killing.

Abu Hamza, an Australian citizen, was sentenced to 20 years in an Australian prison because he was planning an attack on an unnamed Sydney “Defence Installation”. He was the first person to be convicted under new provisions of the Criminal Code which made it a crime not only to commit acts of terror but to plan them:

Criminal Code Amendment  (Terrorism) Act 2003
No. 40, 2003  

An Act to amend the Criminal Code Act 1995, and for related purposes…..
101.6  Other acts done in preparation for, or planning, terrorist acts
           (1)  A person commits an offence if the person does any act in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act. 
Penalty:  Imprisonment for life. 
             (2)  A person commits an offence under subsection (1) even if the terrorist act does not occur.
terrorist act means an action or threat of action where:
                     (a)  the action falls within subsection (2) and does not fall within subsection (3); and
                     (b)  the action is done or the threat is made with the intention of advancing a political, religious or ideological cause; and
                     (c)  the action is done or the threat is made with the intention of:
                              (i)  coercing, or influencing by intimidation, the government of the Commonwealth or a State, Territory or foreign country, or of part of a State, Territory or foreign country; or
                             (ii)  intimidating the public or a section of the public.
             (2)  Action falls within this subsection if it:
                     (a)  causes serious harm that is physical harm to a person; or
                     (b)  causes serious damage to property; or
                     (c)  causes a person’s death; or
                     (d)  endangers a person’s life, other than the life of the person taking the action; or
                     (e)  creates a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public; 

                     (f)  seriously interferes with, seriously disrupts, or destroys, an electronic system including, but not limited to:
                              (i)  an information system; or
                             (ii)  a telecommunications system; or
                            (iii)  a financial system; or
                            (iv)  a system used for the delivery of essential government services; or
                             (v)  a system used for, or by, an essential public utility; or
                            (vi)  a system used for, or by, a transport system.

Its pretty clear from these definitions that what Ned Kelly planned for Glenrowan, was an act of what is now recognised as ‘Terrorism’ : the cold blooded murder of an innocent man to provoke a Police response, ripping up railway tracks,  endangering peoples lives by taking them hostage, being in possession of dynamite, guns ammunition and armour, and planning to wreck a train to kill Police and any survivors. Its no defence to say that back then there was no such word as terrorism – now we know what it was, and we have a name for it. We also have a name for the person planning such outrages against society : Terrorist. The difference between a terrorist and a bushranger, made clear by these definitions, is that the Bushranger is not acting to advance a political agenda or intending in any way to influence the Government at any level. The Bushranger was simply trying to make a living by highway and other forms of robbery.  

Fortunately what actually happened at Glenrowan was a near complete failure of Ned Kellys terrorist plans for the train and the Police. He successfully murdered Aaron Sherritt, the easiest thing in the world for armed thugs against a defenceless victim at his front door in the night – nothing heroic there! – but after that his plan unravelled into utter failure. However  failure doesn’t make the plotter any less a terrorist, or his plans any less an outrage. 

Because of Thomas Curnows bravery the violence and  hate  that occupied Neds mind was never made entirely manifest. However it WAS expressed quite graphically in the Jerilderie Letter. There, blood curdling threats to kill and to torture and to seek revenge are set out in page after page of angry defiant outburst. Its fashionable to laugh these words off as the colourful hyperbole of an Irish larrikin with the gift of the gab, but if Ned Kellys plans for Glenrowan had proceeded as he intended, those words would have accurately described what happened : ‘But if I hear any more of it I will not exactly show them what cold blooded murder is but wholesale and retail slaughter something different to shooting three troopers in self defence and robbing a bank’

Thanks to Curnow, Ned Kellys planned acts of ‘wholesale and retail slaughter’ at the site of the intended train wreck never became a reality and it became possible for sympathisers to pretend those plans and those thoughts were never there in the first place. But as was demonstrated with Abu Hamza, who never harmed even a fly, a terrorist is defined by his motivations and by what he plans and prepares to carry out against society, not by how successful he might be in carrying them out. And so it is with Ned Kelly – his intent, and his preparations and plans by themselves define him as a terrorist.  We should no more accept as mitigation the idea that Kelly was a poor selector fighting for a republic and therefore was not a terrorist than we would accept a claim by Abu Hamza that he was a freedom fighter.  Ian Jones was absolutely correct to describe Neds plans for Glenrowan as ‘mad’ – and by this I am sure he didnt mean just a little bit silly but close to ‘insane’, the work of a person losing touch with reality, a psychopath. And  just as the Court decided on the basis of the incriminating evidence in his possession when arrested that Abu Hamza was a terrorist, so Ned Kelly must also be regarded as a terrorist, albeit a failed one like Abu Hamza. 

This unpleasant reality is something Kelly sympathisers refuse to face. If they talk about Glenrowan they focus on what the Police did, or on how the hostages were supposed to have played games and danced at the Inn, or how brave Ned was to stand there in his armour fighting them all singlehandedly.  Ive searched the entire Ned  Kelly Forum for discussions about Glenrowan and the only things I found were discussions of books about Glenrowan , and three Posts on June 28th 2014 expressing sympathy for Ned Dan Steve and Joe on the anniversary of the siege. Sympathy for the terrorists!  

When are they going to accept the awful truth about Glenrowan that it exposed what was really inside Ned Kellys mind, an angry and violent desire to rain death and destruction on the Police? When are they going to cast  aside the myth that it was a heroic ‘Last Stand’ and accept it was supposed to have been an act of terrorist mass slaughter?  When are they going to accept that if Ned Kelly had succeeded at Glenrowan their fanciful legend would have been still-born, that in its place Kelly would only be remembered as a violent serial killer, a mass murderer, a 19th Century terrorist,  and his Jerilderie Letter seen as a bloodthirsty and chilling forecast of what was to come? When are they going to stop pretending to themselves that Kelly was trying to establish the Republic of NE Victoria, and that this somehow turns him into some sort of revolutionary and a hero, and renders his murderous intent somehow less evil? There is no evidence for the republic but masses of evidence of Ned Kellys desire for revenge and to kill.

Any person who plans and carries out an attempt at mass killing can only ever be utterly condemned. The excuses made for Ned Kelly are ridiculous. He was NOT picked on and persecuted, he was NOT a Police made criminal, he was NOT Australias Robin Hood, he was NOT a revolutionary and he was NOT a hero. Whatever he may have been as a kid, whatever sympathy you might have for his origins and for whatever influenced him, by the last few years of his life he had become a violent angry and murderous criminal whose focus became the Police.

The great irony of Kelly mythology is that it only exists because Ned Kellys  ‘colonial stratagem’ failed, and because sympathisers are in deep denial about what Ned Kelly exposed of his true nature at Glenrowan. The last thing they will want to do is discuss it here.

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  1. AND they both had beards…. GASP…

  2. Case closed!

  3. I have always believed that not enough has been said by both sides of the Kelly debate about the plan to derail the special police train at Glenrowan. Ned made it very clear what his intentions were if the train had successfully been wrecked. And most commentators seem to forget that there weren't just police on that train but the civilian crew, a number of journalists and as I seem to recall, a doctor. In my eyes this plan alone constitutes terrorism and sounds very similar to what happened in London in July 2005.

    I shall probably cop some criticism from Mark Perry who sees me as a died-in-the-wool Dee sycophant simply because I tend to agree with most of what Dee writes. At times like this I wish I was a master of debate and retort but sadly, I'm not. I'm a coal miner's son and a third year high school dropout. But I have lived a pretty full 70 years and I find it offensive and patronising to be referred to as "… your little Spuddee (sic)…" and "… the leader of your fan club". I have never insulted you Mark and would expect the same in return.

  4. Sorry Spudee. No offence intended. You actually sound very clever with some good points. I also am no master of debate. And a can appear a bit of a prick and arrogant in writing when I don't mean to be. So apologies. I am nice. Deep deep down…

  5. Sorry Spudee. No offence intended. You actually sound very clever with some good points. I also am no master of debate. And a can appear a bit of a prick and arrogant in writing when I don't mean to be. So apologies. I am nice. Deep deep down…

  6. Anonymous says: Reply

    Please don't assume it's just mark that thinks that, we all pretty much think that! Lol 🙂

  7. Anonymous says: Reply

    And is the similarities in the names.. Interesting!

  8. Well I wondered how long it would be before someone saw a hint of a conspiracy in the similarity between our names : Dee and SpuDee ! Let me assure all conspiracy theorists out there, Spudee and I are not related, connected, associated, acquainted or in any way linked except by this Blog. I have no idea who Spudee is, and I don’t have a Fan Club.

    Now, is anyone going to comment on my idea that Ned Kelly was NOT a bushranger? I would be interested to hear what others think.

  9. Anonymous says: Reply

    A double apology, I'm flattered.

  10. To be sure , to be sure!

  11. Bill I wonder if this is why the Ned Kelly Center idea has gone cold ? The Kelly mythology is gradually declining in popularity, there is increasing awareness that Ned Kelly was more terrorist than hero, and the idea of investing enormous amounts of public money in a memorial to a figure of dubious character is becoming less appealing. Ultimately, they may not want to see themselves as having funded a memorial to a terrorist.

  12. Dee there seems little argument that anyone can put up against your well constructed article.

    There is however a very important side to Ned Kelly's position that you totally ignore. That is, the politics of the day 140 years or so ago. Fair enough, you compare present day Christian politic belief with that of Muslim / Islam religions, where as 140 years ago it was Christians against Christians, Catholics against Protestants – not at all written up as terrorism.

    What about the Christian soldiers sent out to kill in the name of Christianity!

    Perhaps we could say one mans terrorist was another man's freedom fighter.

    Many may not be aware but the origins of much of what we know about the Irish is that their culture owes a lot to Northern Africa. The mix of English Saxon with Arabic Muslim – Islam is still dividing the modern world as of old. Your article comparing Ned Kelly with Abu Hamza is interesting but very flawed, although amongst the general un informed population like supporters of Donald Trump in the USA, I feel you are over stepping the mark.

    Abu Hamza was charged with 16 offences by British authorities for 'inciting violence and racial hatred in 2006. In 2014 he was found guilty of 11 'terrorism charges in USA. Hamza, who has only one eye and no hands, this were the result of tackling a land mine in Afghanistan while fighting 'Jihad'. So whose side was he on? In another report he was helping Serbia against the Russians.

    There is no comparison with that of Ned Kelly in any way , -except both had Middle Eastern genetics. In Ned Kelly's case he rose up against British autocracy by accounts of history, the British had caused the deaths of 25000 Irish lives during a rebellion in 1798. It was a man named Trevelyian who had documented his thoughts (like Hitler managed to do) Trevelyian told the masses he believed it was God's will for the Irish to starve and be forced to leave the country.

    Trevelyian received a Knighthood from 'Queen Victoria' (at the time the Kellys struggled to survive) for letting a 'MILLION' Irish people die of starvation. This is the real crime Dee. It was the crime of the century, and out of that grew a 'Guerrilla campaign' against the British, which not surprisingly Ned Kelly and his clan also responded to.

    Dee, your comparisons are too simplistic and opportunistic, whilst a good read to the un informed.

    Please read the link provided by clicking on my name.

    PS, any Ned Kelly Centre of the future will tell this whole story, not just of the exploits of the Kelly gang,

  13. Thanks Bill. If you’re saying Ned Kellys motivation was political and religious, you agree with me that he wasn’t a bushranger but a terrorist! Thats all I’m saying! (And I was just pointing out the horror of the terrorist plot he devised for Glenrowan, and the fact that if he had been successful there he wouldn’t be regarded by anyone as an icon and a hero but as a misguided and dangerous fanatic)

    And one other thing – there seems to be more than one Abu Hamza – the one I was mentioning was an Australian and he never actually carried out any violent acts anywhere. His usual name was Faheem Lodhi aka Abu Hamza.

  14. Anonymous says: Reply

    You have completely missed the point of what he has said to you. Research what Bill is talking about before you turn around and say he's agreeing with you Dee! And I wouldn't be taking what he's saying as a statement that you are correct! research people!!!

  15. Anonymous perhaps you could spell out exactly what you think Bills point was, and Bill can tell us if you’re correct and then I will address the point that I have apparently missed.

    In the meantime I’ll say again what I think Bills point was – Bill believes that Ned Kellys motivation grew out of the injustices committed against the Irish by the British colonial powers back in Ireland, and that he believed that it was legitimate to oppose them here in Australia, that he was some kind of freedom fighter.

    My response was to point out that by the legal definition I supplied of what a terrorist is, – a person planning violent acts for a political purpose – then Bills definition of Ned Kellys motivation fits with the definition of a terrorist, not of Bushranger. So to be logically consistent Bill must agree with me even if he prefers the term freedom fighter to terrorist.

  16. This is horrible, you are using people's injuries and pain to push your point! Thats unbelievable… Good to see you have no conscience!

  17. reported! You should be ashamed of yourself using these photos… How horrible of you to be so inconsiderate to those poor people!

  18. Are you kidding me! Those are photos of the Brussels terrorist attack….SHOW SOME RESPECT you disgusting person!!!

  19. These images are on every TV screen and news service all over the world. You people don't want to face the truth about what Ned Kelly planned for Glenrowan and your fake outrage doesn't impress me in the slightest.




  23. Fake outrage! Are you for real! what kind of mental case are you using these pictures! They are on the news to show people the reality of a terrible thing that has happened! Your using these pictures to push your point that doesn't even compare to what's happened to these people! How would they feel knowing that your using their pain! Or their families! You have no empathy! this is a horrible thing you are doing! This has nothing to do with NED KELLY! you should be ashamed of yourself and I hope blogspot remove these photos or better yet, the whole blog!

    You are truly horrible if you can't see how wrong what your doing is!

  24. Hi Dee. Good Morning. Much as I appreciate your blog and your point of view, would you mind removing these images of Brussels victims? It's probably the right thing to you. Bless you Brother. Cheers.


  26. Youre outraged about Brussels but where was your outrage about what Ned Kelly planned for Glenrowan, about his murder of three Policemen, and of Aaron Sherritt? Youre just frantic because I am making you look at the reality of what Ned Kelly wanted to do at Glenrowan. If your outrage was real it would not be selectively applied to only some acts of terror but to all of them and that would include Glenrowan.

    Are you also calling for every news site and tv news programme to be shut down because they are using the same images, and many more, to boost the sales of their papers and the profitability of their Media organisations?

    No.,of course you arent. You say these images are on the news to show people 'the reality of a terrible thing that has happened' Well that is EXACTLY why I have posted them here, to show people the reality of a terrible thing that was supposed to happen at Glenrowan, something kelly sympatnisrs are in perpetual denial of, something they refuse to acknowledge in thier 'truly horrible' veneration of a terrorist. Brussels I am sorry to have to inform you, has everything to do with Ned Kelly. Its just unfortunate for you that this happened right in the midst of our discussion about Freedom fighters and terrorists, giving me an opportunity to make it real for you.



  29. ARE YOU SICK OR SOMETHING?… What NED KELLY did two centuries ago in no way relates to what has happened in Brussels! You sick sad little troll… Why do you think people are talking about NED KELLY HERE!! Perhaps you don't comprehend just how sick what your doing is!! REMOVE THIS BLOGGER BLOGSPOT!!

  30. Peter Newman says: Reply

    I think you should keep the photos in, as they are relevant to your blog and are already in the public domain. It is interesting that after a long period where you have not received much feedback to your blogs, you have all of a sudden hit a nerve here with anonymous who I suspect by the tone of their posts and use of capitals for emphasis is the one person. It would be nice if someone who thought you had made a mistake could politely ask you to makes things right. But if someone called me a disgusting, unconscionable, stupid, lacking in empathy, and a sad sick little troll… I'd just dig my heels in too.

  31. Thanks for your opinion Peter. Actually Mark has asked me politely to remove them, but I haven’t because removing them would defeat the entire purpose for posting them in the first place. People SHOULD be shocked and outraged at what these images portray, so I am not surprised that this Anonymous has been SHOUTING at me! I wanted people to be shocked and to think about why they are not as equally shocked when they contemplate what Kelly planned for Glenrowan.

    I remain of the opinion that eople should still be shocked and outraged at what Ned Kelly did to those three Policemen, to Aaron Sherritt and to various others who were injured and killed as a result of his behaviour. To me its shocking and outrageous that people wear T-Shirts showing this man brandishing guns, that they voice their own hatred of Police and their admiration of Ned Kelly in the same breath, that they promote the Last Stand as something to be admired, when it was intended to be a blood bath like the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels were.

    Terrorist attacks are shocking wherever they happen, in Brussels just as much as in Glenrowan.

  32. Anonymous says: Reply

    Bill, as suggested by you I read Steve Hodder's article, Villain or victim. Unfortunately it beats the same old pro Kelly drum we have heard for years – oppressed Irishmen, the Kelly's only stealing squatter's stock, dishonest and untrustworthy police blah, blah, blah. Hodder describes the Kelly gang's actions at Glenrowan as 'bold' rather than the actual terrorist attack it was. And he glosses over Kelly's intentions had the police train been derailed. He also makes no mention of who fired the first shot at Glenrowan. Finally, Hodder makes brief mention of the findings of the Victorian Royal Commission into the Kelly outbreak. As we know the members of this commission were hardly conservative Victorian government puppets. Amongst their findings the expressed the opinion that while the police made many mistakes, they could find no evidence of wrongdoing or corruption. Hodder draws a very long bow to link 'Irish rebel' Ned kelly to the centuries old British persecution of Ireland.

  33. Anonymous says: Reply

    Peter Newman? LMAO!! my god DEE good Google search…..which personality are you then?

  34. Anonymous says: Reply

    You are nothing but a down right bully, who couldn't do the right thing if your life depended on it, bloody wake up to yourself you disrespectful, rude and nasty person!!!!

  35. All your name calling and shouting and abuse directed at me is exactly what I predicted and just proves my point perfectly – do anything but face the reality of what Ned Kelly tried to unleash on Glenrowan. It really is a very sensitive issue for Kelly sympathisers! But I shall post something else soon and you can all carry on pretending your hero was a splendid freedom fighter.

  36. The photo's are certainly confronting but as anyone can, and does, see them all over the media I would say it is a legitimate use to highlight a point.

  37. Thank you!

  38. Anonymous says: Reply

    so we have narrowed you down to two people, you are either, the author to the Ned Kelly book you promote on here.. Or you are Sharyn! And I wonder does THE REAL Dee Caruthers no you are using her Identity!!! She will be messaged!!

  39. Anonymous says: Reply

    Another googled name!! How many pretend friends/personalities have you got LOL! This is pathetic!

  40. Anonymous says: Reply

    You really have to be thick in the head! To just not get it! and by the way, why would I be sensitive about Ned Kelly? What kind of nut case are you!! LOL!!

  41. Like I said, 'anything but face the reality of what Ned Kelly tried to unleash on Glenrowan’ So now its a new round of IdentiDee, sympathisers favourite game! And once you’ve decided if I am ‘Sharyn’ or ‘the author’ are you going to discuss the terrorist plans your hero made for glenrowan or will you dream up some other excuse to continue to avoid facing the truth?

  42. There are ways to find out a bloggers ID fool!! Specially when you have so many fake names relating to one blog!

  43. Oh I can see you’re an absolute genius!

  44. I hope you get shut down once she reports you!

  45. You too!

  46. Anonymous says: Reply

    I assume you are using your 'outrage' at this particular blog to try and shut it down? Go your hardest but I don't fancy your chances. I presume you haven't been watching the media coverage of the Brussels terrorist attack? Lots worse than the photos here.

  47. That dramatic photo at the start of this Post is now known as "the photo that defines the horrors of the Brussells attacks". As soon as I saw it I knew it was one of those special photos that captured a moment, and it seems most of the rest of the world agrees with me. She has been identified as an Indian Flight attendant named Nidhi Chaphekar. You can read an article about that photo HERE

    In light of this, after reading that article I wonder if the people who shouted and screamed at me all morning yesterday for putting it up on the Blog will reconsider their position and apologise for calling me disgusting, horrible, inconsiderate , disgusting and stupid, wrong, outrageously stupid, a sick sad little troll, lacking in empathy, disrespectful rude and nasty, a downright bully, lacking a conscience and unconscionable. Somehow I doubt it.

    But just a little reminder : there would be photos like that ‘defining the horrors of the Glenrowan attacks’ – but in black and white – if Ned Kelly hadn’t been stopped.

  48. Anonymous says: Reply

    You referred to articles. These are written by journalists in a news context. There is an expectation when reading or viewing news that there may be graphic or disturbing content. That expectation does not extent to all websites. This shows a complete lack of contextual understanding and how irresponsible your post is! You deserve more of triode comments than you think!

  49. Frankly after all your hysterical and vile accusations yesterday, I think its time you – or if not you then the person whom you are defending – offered me an apology and just stopped talking nonsense. And maybe for once, just once, for a change you could accept the point I was making and address it instead of shouting and yelling and trying to distract everyones attention from the awful reality of what Ned Kelly wanted to unleash on Glenrowan.

  50. Anonymous says: Reply

    OMG Dee I'm sure all those people you have belittled and bullied want an apology too where is their apology!!!

  51. Anonymous says: Reply

    Haha aww Wah Wah you big B… Even your replies are ridiculous! Just can't seem to take what you dish out! You really are just a sad little troll lol and you sound like a sooking child right here!

  52. If Ned hadn't been stopped?

    It’s a reminder of what happens when one world politics dis favours another for what could be described as 'financial power' politics. The financialy powerful – powers the world, but don't get in their way.

    What Dee is saying is, – 'Look here', see what those awful terrorists can do, just like what Kelly could have done had he had the chance.' Yes, but he didn't. He may have wanted to in anger but he did not create a train wreck.

    Dee asks, was Ned Kelly a Bushranger or a Terrorist? In my opinion he was neither.
    Problem was, in Australia those days any man could be as good as any other but the ruling classes resented this.

    The fact ordinary folk could make a living without being bound to rich land owners as in the old world, created the resentment, hence a 'good' land grab by those who could afford it, at the expense of those who could not. This was the basis of colonial power and privilege, and extended right threw to even today.

    What can be learnt from all this?

    If the first industrial 'western' world wants to dominate and exclude second and third world citizens from sharing the big cake as baked by corporate Governments, the have not nations and their citizens will rise up as usual its their resources being used. Failure to recognise this is the fault of capitalistic societies and their ideologies.

    The western world created this terrorist dilemma of haves and have nots. If instead of spending billions on bombing them back to the stone age, they should have spent billions on education and hospitals and a better life, then the cake would be better shared around. There is always a cause for rebellion. If no one listens to the barking dog then expect to get bitten.

  53. Thats what I love about you Bill – you have an opinion and you’re not scared to say what it is or to voice your agreements and disagreements with people who have other points of view. We don’t agree about everything in the Kelly world but you’re definitely an independent thinker, you have some quite radical ideas and I like that in a person. I especially like your last paragraph. All power to you Bill.

  54. If I couldn’t take what I dish out, your abusive irrelevant remarks would never see the light of day . So I post them to show the world the quality of the average Kelly sympathiser, who at last seems to have learned that if they don’t out the “C” word in their comments, or name and attack other people, then I let them through. So please keep posting and I’ll keep putting it out there.

  55. Kiss arse Dee – it suits you

  56. Yeah this is just like the terrorist attack – Eureka!

    Reference – no one ever!! Lol!!

  57. Haha! Clearly you are a child if you can't understand! Your sooking about wanting an apology! So you can't take what you give! If your going to dish out crap expect people to give you crap in return!

  58. Anonymous says: Reply

    Nobody forced you to look. If you didn't like what you saw, just move on. Your false indignation is getting a little tiresome.

  59. Anonymous says: Reply

    Haha! Just your defending and kiss arse approach! It's getting a little tiresome too Spudee.. Gee I wonder if your related in some way! That's not at all obvious!

  60. Apart from Bill, not one sympathiser has dared to confront the horror of the terrorist atrocity Ned Kelly planned for Glenrowan. Instead all they’ve done is hyperventilate their pretend outrage, exercise their paranoias and exhibit their infantile debating tactics, which amount to abuse, ad hominem attacks and exactly nothing else. I just hope they keep coming back and carry on exposing to the world the quality of individual who finds Ned Kelly appealing. I’ll have more to say about this in my next major Post, another killer blow they will want to run a mile from….

  61. Anonymous says: Reply

    You do realise you have just taken what someone has said about you in your last blog changed the wording and said it too me… Which is also interesting because I just saw why you keep calling me a sympathiser! LOL God you really are a nut job! And that person was right you really ARE just a nasty person and you have proved that here as well…no wonder so many people hate you…. Except now your just being a baby about it

  62. Anonymous says: Reply

    Thanks for agreeing with me when it comes to her! And She has literally taken what I have and used it on you, but I wouldn't expect anything else from this one.. She just bullies people, and if she can't respond to you any other way she just calls you a sympathiser… It's bully tactics it's all she knows

  63. Unless something dramatic changes today, my point will have been proved most emphatically : Kelly sympathisers are in deep denial about the horror of the atrocity that Ned Kelly planned for Glenrowan; they REFUSE to discuss it. And my word didnt they over-react when we put up some photos to remind them!! They much prefer to stick their heads in the sand, play identiDee, to abuse and to ridicule, apparently not caring that the more they do so the more they trash the entire pro-Kelly public image.

    The reason for this denial is that if they pulled their heads out of the sand and acknowledged it, they would have to give up their fantasy that Ned Kelly was some sort of hero and inspirational leader. But historical realities are not as important to most of them as are sentimental fairy stories about a mummies boy who was picked on.

    I am working on a special treat for them in my next Post….

  64. Case and point Anon! See what I mean! She can't say anything else! She just bullies people! And considers herself rather important but the reality is she is despised not because she has a point but because she doesn't actually let people say anything unless they agree with her. You can't call her out on it and she cannot respond to it when you do. so she just attacks people and labels instead

  65. I have published EVERYTHING submitted so please stop writing rubbish like "she doesn't actually let people say anything unless they agree with her” Thats what happens on the Sympathiser places, where they delete and ban comments from anyone that doesn’t suck up to them.

    But I have never banned or censored comments that weren’t defamatory or laden with expletives like the Kelly favourite “C” word because Ive learned that the more I give you the chance to expose yourselves, your thinking and your tactics “……the more (you) trash the entire pro-Kelly public image.” QUOTE/UNQUOTE.

    I don’t have to waste my time destroying you trolls because you do it to yourselves ….LOL !! ( Like dumb terrorists who think its clever to blow themselves up! so keep it up, visit my Blog as much as you like and enjoy )

  66. Anonymous says: Reply

    And you just prove what a bully you are every time you reply Dee… Your just labelling again! As you assume we all must be sympathisers! You are banned from schools and banned as a source of research… I have been "researching" your public image so to speak and on other websites (and they are NOT the websites you continue to rubbish) people are actually advised against coming to your blog but in a funny twist it has nothing to do with the book you promote on here.. It's just you… If the other anonymous is wrong and you aren't the author I feel bad for him that he has the likes of you "trying" to promote his book…

    And when I say you don't let people talk, I mean that you don't justify your behaviour towards people that call you out! You just get sarcastic and ignore their points completely… You asked for an apology for all the rubbish your getting but where's your apology to the people you have done the same thing to?

  67. Oh silly me – when you wrote that I don’t let people talk what you meant was that I DO let people talk! ( but I’m a horrible person because I don’t justify my behaviour towards them…OMG! this is incoherent rubbish you’re coming out with..).

    No wonder I am getting quite tired of responding to the likes of you who come to MY website and label me a BULLY because YOU don’t like what I write. How dare you keep turning up here, calling me such things as disgusting, a troll, sick, nasty, and then when I respond start whinging and grizzling about being bullied? Its not bullying its defending myself and my site from anonymous attacks from stirrers and trolls like you who visit my site of their own free will and refuse to engage in the debates that I want to have about Ned Kelly except by trying to subvert the whole thing. If you don’t want to debate the topic and have nothing to say on the subject then go away.

    But now you are going to come completely unstuck, because now you are making claims that you are NOT going to be able to back up. You state you have been researching ‘on other websites’ and claim that I am "banned from schools, and banned as a source of research”

    I challenge you to back up that outrageous claim with some facts – and I mean FACTS such as the names of the websites (PLURAL) where this information comes from, and the names of the schools (PLURAL).

    If you don’t – and I fully expect that you won’t, that you will invoke all sorts of devious excuses and manoeuvres to avoid actually substantiating what you’ve alleged here – then you are completey discredited. I don’t care what your excuses will be , these are YOUR claims and if you cant make good on them you’re exposed as a fraud.

  68. Here's something that bothers me. And I think this is correct. The Kellys still hold the dubious record of the most number of Police killed in one time in Australian history. I think the next "big one" was the Walsh St murders. Am I right in thinking this? Not a good look.

  69. Anonymous says: Reply

    You have been making a bunch of claims on here Dee to if that make me a fraud guess what that makes you!!

    I will post the websites once I ask the admin to do so, because they show respect and are given respect in return. But as far as I'm aware the attempt to remain "hidden" is deliberate as I know some of them have actually commented on here asking you to back up some of your claims AND YOU CANT! So just like every other website you have been blocked I assume!

    BUT of course that wouldn't have anything to do with your bully attitude!

    And blocked school websites can be easily googled as they as listed, I'm surprised you haven't been notified of this as admin!

  70. Exactly as I predicted! Excuses! More incoherent rubbish. You are totally busted – a complete time wasting fraud who will NEVER front up with the websites or the schools that you claimed you found “researching” Your excuses are a pathetic joke. Go away and stop wasting everyones time.

  71. Hi Mark
    how nice to get a comment from someone who is rational and reasonable!
    Someone else can answer your query I am sure. You might be pleased to know this weekend I am reading Alex Castles book, as you suggested I do a while back and I will put my review of it up in a week or two once I am through it, but I am really enjoying it already . Happy Easter “brother” !!

  72. Anonymous says: Reply

    So turns out you fall into a category! LOL

    the website is labbled specifically to avoid being found.. But turns out not just by you but by other "groups" that even you dislike! Such as the NKF and two other blogs! The admin have said they dislike the attitude of most people involved with these websites and as they are a small group just wanting to share information about the Kelly story. It's intentionally ignoring the abuse and rubbish that goes on in these blogs and websites.

    So that makes you no different to all these people and places you claim to discredit and abuse and bait… More fool you…

  73. Do you not realise what a ridiculous spectacle you are making of yourself ? Already your claim about ‘websites’ (PLURAL) has shrivelled into ONE website, and its one that nobody can find but you! Its way too late for you to quit while you’re ahead but you should quit right now to avoid making an even bigger dick of yourself.

    As I have already said "You are totally busted – a complete time wasting fraud who will NEVER front up with the websites or the schools that you claimed you found “researching” Your excuses are a pathetic joke. Go away and stop wasting everyones time."

  74. Anonymous says: Reply

    No, you're wrong Mark that 'distinction' is held by a very nasty bunch of NSW villains, the Clarke brothers and their 'associates'. They operated in the Braidwood district between 1865 & 1867 and the similarities between them and the Kelly gang are remarkable. The Clarke brothers were very active in all sorts of crime, probably more so than the Kellys; stock theft, home invasions, store robberies and highway robbery. They ambushed and murdered a group of 4 Special Constables Henry Parkes had sent to the Jinden area after they had killed another police officer, Miles O'Grady, at Nerrigundah.

    The special police party set out on the morning of 9 January 1867 to walk (they had left their horses nearby so as not to alert the gang that they were coming) about a mile and a half to a hut where they had been told the Clarke gang were hiding. In fact the information came from a Clarke supporter to set the police up for the ambush.

    In the initial ambush, 2 of the specials were killed outright, while the remainder fought on until they ran out of ammunition. They were then captured, made to kneel and callously executed. Police then flooded the district and the brothers were eventually captured, tried and executed.

    I would suggest that if you want to know the full incredibly interesting story, you get a copy of Peter Smith's excellent and very well researched 'The Clarke Gang – Outlawed, Outcast and Forgotten'.

  75. Anonymous says: Reply

    Well 'Anonymous' put up or shut up. "the website is labbled (sic) specifically to avoid being found." What a load of BS!

  76. Anonymous says: Reply

    Seriously Dee's little bitch really needs to get a A life! IF YOU KNEW ANYTHING about how admin can set up a site you would all know IP/ SUBJECT CAN BE BLOCKED! Anonymous seems like you got them scared now lol!!!!!!!

    And Dee you nasty little troll the anonymous told you how to find blocked websites! Give it a go unless your too stupid!! Lmao!! But it doesn't matter we MUST BE THE SAME PERSON!! Your the dick here Dee you can't even work out what Anonymous is saying to you and scrambling to work it out …dick lmao!!!!

  77. Oh dear! Seems these people are determined to totally trash the public image of Kelly supporters. Is anyone going to tell them to pull their heads in? I sure won't but I am surprised someone in the Kelly circle hasn't. The incredible damage they're doing.. …

  78. Cheers Spuddee. Yes, I have seen Peters book on the shelves. I walked away though with difficulty as I asked myself at the time if I really needed another book on Bushranging. But I will give it a whirl.

    Dee. Hi. Yes, I enjoyed the Castles book. If only there were source notes. Unfortunately, he died at his desk before completion. His daughter completed the publishing process.

  79. Anonymous says: Reply

    LMAO you are such an idiot!!! I have nothing to do with Kelly supporters or sympathisers!! LMAO!! who gives a shit honestly!! Your just a nut job troll who has nothing better to do with their life!! I Hope people see you for just that… You pretend your showing the world what these other people are and in reality we (me and the other anonymous) are just showing people what your really made of…absolute stupidity..and hate for everyone! Because you are just a stupid stupid bully who has a cry!!! This whole thing will show anyone that comes here to avoid a stupid dickhead like yourself!! Lmao you played into it you big idiot!

  80. I didnt accuse you of being a sympathiser I merely said that you’re obviously determined to trash their image. So I owe you thanks for making my job so much easier. Keep up the excellent work, I think you’ve so cleverly taken their image to lows they’ll struggle to ever recover from. Fantastic!

  81. Wow you are just a pathetic IDIOT!! LMAO good work dickhead!! Lmao!! No no you trashed your own image don't try and put your cry baby attitude on other people you big bitch! Just keep showing people how you have nothing else to do but to attempt to redirect it…honestly your a dick! If other people believe or think that I am speaking about anyone else but you or for anyone else but myself then they are just as stupid as you believe they are! Your a dickhead Dee truly…. So now people know you for what you really are..just a stupid dickhead troll who thinks people won't be able to see you for what you really are. good ruined it for yourself and your stupidity speaks volumes in your replies lmao … You just showed everyone what you really are!

  82. Keep going…this is terrific. You’re saving me the big effort of exposing the mad fanatics myself.

  83. You really are just making yourself look like such a child!

  84. Lmao!!!

  85. Jack Forrest says: Reply

    You are a glutton for punishment, Dee. The anonymous madman is of course our nemesis "Fred", 'Sarah' and a host of other fake names. He has been persecuting you for more than four years. All the evidence is there: the use of the word 'troll', the 'LMAOs', etc.

    He has certainly wrecked this part of your blog with a tsunami of ignorant crap. He has been doing this for four years and is getting good at it. But it is boring, repetitive stuff.

    I would happily stuff 400 copies of the Kennealley romantic history up his klacker if I knew where to find him.

    But in the meantime Dee we have only you to thank for including his increasingly bizarre yabber.

    Hit the remove button when you spot his comments for God's sake!

  86. My next Post will be up later today.
    Now Fred – was he the howling baby with a dummy stuck in his face? Nothing much has changed, except that now he he says he has 'nothing to do with sympathisers and supporters’ Thats because THEY booted him out! Lets move on!

  87. Lmao you idiot… Just redirect Dee keep showing everyone your only ability lol

  88. ANOTHER googled name wow Dee.. Your pathetic!!…. Now I'm someone else LOL gee your brilliant… Just keep pretending to redirect your shit Dee good job! Lmao!

  89. Chas Verdon says: Reply

    Our mad parasite pest Anonymous is still using "Your" instead of "you're", a very basic grammatical mistake that has been pointed out to him many times over the years. He is an EXTREMELY SLOW LEARNER.

  90. Maurice Arnold says: Reply

    Your dumb DNA is all over your dumb comments Anonymous! You have managed NOT to post a single informative post here for years. You are indeed an internet serial pest.

    Lmao you dumb idiot! And stop mentioning fake comments while using an Anonymous disguise!

  91. Oh no! She's scared now lmao!!! Wah Wah Wah you big bitch!! Go and run fast at a brick wall!! LOL

    "Just stop ok!!!" Yeah I can't be the only one that reads that in cry baby voice right? LOL
    see… Nothing but a dickhead or a cry baby! It's all she does!!

  92. More fake googled names LOL oh you really are proving yourself here aren't you! Good work Dee! Keep going keep showing the world what you really are!! ….seriously with grammar like yours do my mistakes need to be mentioned?LMAO!! AND IM A HIM NOW AND BEEN HERE FOR YEARS..really?

    FOR ANYONE who doesn't regularly come to this website, this is the type of crap your going to get… She just uses fake names now because she's realised what she's done!!

    Avoid this blogger! She is a Nasty troll who just redirects her own shit onto other people and just says it's because your ONE OF THEM.. Doesn't matter if your not because as you will see… She's dickhead!!

  93. OK thats the end of that conversation.

    I was going to delete the last few contributions but have decided they will stay as examples of the kind of Comment that from now on I will probably NOT publish. They serve perfectly as examples of the thing this Blog was established to expose : “THE VICIOUS CAMPAIGN WAGED BY MODERN DAY KELLY FANATICS AGAINST ANYONE WHO DARES TO OPPOSE THEM’

    People can make up their own minds about the type of person whose Comments include such words as nasty troll, dickhead, shit, crap and bitch, and if they like it can visit these hooligans on their OWN sites. But they’re not welcome here – never have been, but Ive tolerated their rubbish for long enough. They’ve abused their opportunity to participate and I don’t mind people attacking ME but really, if they have a problem with me and they don’t want to participate in a constructive way then its easy enough for them to solve their problem – just stay away, go and start their own Blogs.

  94. 28/3/16:1315hrs Local Time : Comment received and DELETED from Anonymous : as per the newly expressed guidelines : Irrelevant, inappropriate or abusive comment.

  95. 28/3/16 1445 hrs Local Time. Comment received and DELETED from Anonymous as per newly expressed guidelines – Irrelevant inappropriate or abusive comment.

  96. 28/3/16 1405 hrs local time THREE comments received and DELETED from Anonymous as per newly expressed guidelines – irrelevant inappropriate or abusive Comment

  97. 28/3/16 1510 hrs Local Time : Comments received and DELETED from Anonymous as per newly expressed guidelines – irrelevant inappropriate or abusive content.

  98. 28/3/16 1720 hrs Local Time : Two more Comments received and DELETED from Anonymous as per newly expressed guidelines – irrelevant inappropriate or abusive content.

    ( I wonder how long it will be before this person gets the message : Contribute to the discussion or go away! )

  99. 28/3/16 1750 hrs Local Time : Comments received and DELETED from Anonymous as per newly expressed guidelines – irrelevant inappropriate or abusive content.

    ( WOW, don’t Trolls HATE being shut down!!)

  100. 28/3/16 1800 hrs Local Time : FIVE Comments received and DELETED from Anonymous as per newly expressed guidelines – irrelevant inappropriate or abusive content.

    ( Troll about to Explode with hysterical rage at being silenced!!)

  101. 28/3/16 1920 hrs Local Time : Seven more Comments received and DELETED from Anonymous as per newly expressed guidelines – irrelevant inappropriate or abusive content.

    ( Troll now a blubbering incoherent wreck !! )

  102. Les Coleman says: Reply

    Just Keep deleting that internet serial pest, Dee.

  103. I have no idea who these trolls were, and don’t really care though I have my suspicions. Attacking me achieves nothing except expose the fact that they are clueless when it comes to defending Ned Kelly and the Kelly mythology, but they are still welcome to try. However by giving them plenty of rope, they’ve effectively hanged themselves with their own irrational outbursts of vitriol and abuse. I had hoped rather naively perhaps that once they got their issues out of the way they might move on to being more constructive but after two years I have finally realised they were never up to moving on. “Such is life!” Now we will move on.

  104. Ive deleted a string of abusive comments from 'anonymous' who submitted a response to one of them pretending to b a different 'anonymous' even though none of the original comments were ever put on-line! The moron claimed he had tracked my IP address to somewhere in SA – ( I have never lived in SA ) and threatened that if I ignored him/her then "I will seek to have your blog removed for supporting terrorism." Well there you are Sir, I haven't ignored you. Now go away because none of your Comments are ever going to be seen on this Blog, as long was they are as stupid and hysterical as the ons you submitted last night.

  105. My great great grandmother knew him, she sheltered him, fed him. Many people around those parts did, why? Because the goddamn police were a lot worse then than they are now. The Kelly family suffered at the hands of the Victoria police for years. Kate Kelly was raped by a constable, that ain't common knowledge, but it's been in my family since it happened. The authorities treated his mother like an animal when she was wrongly imprisoned. I don't condone all Ned did, but had the filth raped my sister I'd want to see them all burn too.

  106. Jaxns Lake – Ned Kelly himself said that his sister WASNT raped, but that if she had been raped the whole country wouldn't have been big enough for the policeman to hide in. Mrs Kelly claimed years later that Fitzpatrick "tried" to kiss Kate ( in other words didnt even manage to kiss her, let alone rape her)Your family has handed down lies to you I am afraid. You should stop spreading them.

    As for the idea of wanting to see Police burn if one of them had raped your sister – are you saying you would want to burn innocent police or just the perpetrator? And for her part in the incident Ellen Kellys sentence was half what the blokes got. She wasn't treated like an animal. And why do you call police 'the filth'? You betray your bias and your police hate too readily I am afraid. Get over it. Go to anger management.

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