A stunning expose of Kelly Mythology

The rusting dead-in-the-water Kelly Myth takes a direct hit! Redeeming Fitzpatrick: Ned Kelly and the Fitzpatrick Incident Dr. Stuart E. Dawson (Monash University)  Abstract: In April 1878 Constable Fitzpatrick was wounded by Ned Kelly while attempting to arrest his brother Dan for horse stealing. The incident triggered the ‘Kelly outbreak’ that elevated Kelly to the […]

The Kelly Gang were not “Boys”

Burning Icons and False Gods Today, November 25th is National White Ribbon Day in Australia, a day in which we are supposed to be reflecting on the dreadful scourge of mens violence against women. So far this year in Australia, 78 women have been murdered by men, and countless thousands bashed intimidated and traumatised by […]

Your Turn

A few weeks ago, a Kelly sympathiser wrote a Comment that began like this : “I know you won’t publish this because you are nothing but a gutless turd , but I will write it anyway…” and then the anonymous Sympathisers rant proceeded to accuse me of being sick twisted and biased, and of having an “anti Ned agenda” before finally […]

Why Another Kelly Museum?

The Big News this week  has been the announcement by a Kelly descendant of plans to set up a Ned Kelly Museum. According to a spokesperson for “the family”  who says Ned Kelly was her great great Uncle, and another elderly relative who says Ned Kelly  “was a rascal but also a bit of a […]