Was Ned Kelly a Psychopath?

Heath Ledger  as a Psychopath in Batman : he also played Ned Kelly, another Psychopath? The day after the anniversary  of Ned Kellys death, the Queensland Courier Mail ran an item with the accurate but cleverly provocative  headline “Ned Kelly’s last words were not ‘such is life’.  It was provocative of course because most people […]

Dee is Not Ian

I decided at the very beginning of my engagement with the Kelly world, that I was not going to expose my true identity. This was because I had been observing the goings-on for a while, and had seen quite vicious personal attacks on named individuals, both men and women, by people who seemed at times […]

The SBC Debate

I have copied below the interesting debate that has been continuing as Comments following my Post  about Lonigans death at SBC. Ive reposted it here because I suspect that other people might  be interested to read it but not be aware that it is ongoing.  Dave said… Proponents of the quartered bullet theory forget that they […]