The Kelly Vault Can do Better

The Kelly Vault calls itself a History Museum, and is dedicated to the preservation of Kelly history. I was encouraged to see  this quote from the Manager of the Burke Museum on their Facebook Page  “We are not a SHRINE. We are a MUSEUM” Also on their Facebook Page there is a reference a to […]

A Kelly Xmas

I wish all the readers of this Blog a very Happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year. While you’re on holiday, I will continue to make Posts so you will have something interesting to read and to think about, and while you have more time on your hands why not take the time to write something […]

Outlawed: The Real Ned Kelly

 The documentary  “Outlawed: The real Ned Kelly” was first broadcast on ABC TV in 2003. A year ago, on December 18th2014.,  it became available on You Tube and since then has been viewed 14,930 times and attracted 36 comments. You can watch it here.  Its worth watching, even if only to see what a few […]

Prelude to Stringybark Creek

This is a Guest Post submitted by Mr Peter Newman, and I sincerely thank him for this excellent contribution to the Blog.  He has set a high standard and I look forward to more reader submissions, and a broadening of the scope of this Blog into the future. We are now setting the standard when […]