A New View of Red

The part of the house still standing at Beveridge that Red Kelly built in 1859 In this Post I am going to retell and re-interpret the story of Ned Kellys father John Kelly. My source is mostly Ian Jones, who I think is unrivalled when it comes to the research and discovery of the pure […]

Unpalatable Truths

In May on the Facebook Page that I have created called Ned Kelly : The True Story I wrote that unpalatable truths about Ned Kelly never get a mention on Kelly Facebook pages like Ned Kelly Center and Ned Kelly Central. The anonymous administrator of Ned Kelly Central  (NKC) challenged me on that, saying that […]

The truth about the Royal Commission

One thing about the Kelly era  that is still the same today is that the Press like to write sensationalist stories in order to sell newspapers. Thus, when the Kelly Gang had murdered three Policemen at SBC the Press became increasingly critical of Police performance and expressed and encouraged a rising sense of outrage in […]