The Making of Ned Kelly

Keith McMenomy, is the author of “Ned Kelly: the Authentic Illustrated History” a large and fascinating book described on the pro-kelly website “Ironoutlaw “ as:  “…. solid gold. It presents the facts without taking sides and has one of the most comprehensive collections of illustrations of any Kelly book. Together with its exhaustive index, bibliography […]

On Hating the Truth

There is a Facebook Page devoted to “unmasking” Ian MacFarlanes book. Its run by a fellow who for a long time attacked the book on various forums on the internet before he had even read it. No reasonable person would regard such a position as anything less than absurd – to attack a book you […]

Like Father, Like Son?

In so many ways the Kelly story is a tragedy from start to finish. Neds father “Red” ( John Kelly) was transported to Australia in 1841 for stealing two pigs, valued at six pounds. The way this fact is usually presented, such as by Peter Fitzsimons in his recent book, and on Pro Kelly websites […]