Perry Rowsell McGarrigle Treuren and Pyjamas Kelly all posted what I think will prove to be prematurely gleeful barbs aimed at me about the Tower : ‘aneurysms aplenty’ and “Bwahaha egg on their faces much: idiots” crows Perry, “must be having a fit”, and  “ignoramuses on another page predicting the Kelly Outbreak would be buried forever with their ‘government influence’”says Rowsell.

Well if what we have all learned from the press and from commentary offered by Noeleen Lloyd is anything to go by, the BBM cult members are the ones who are going to end up with egg on their faces, and here’s why .


Firstly, Roswell’s gutless practice of slapping down a straw man continues in his assertion that I represent ‘cancel culture’ and am trying to bury the story of the outbreak and make it disappear. I’ve denied that dozens of times but the fool keeps repeating his lie – proving his engagement is entirely bad faith.



Has he ever wondered why this page is called ‘The True Story? Its because what I have been advocating from the very beginning is not deletion of the story but correction of it, making the narrative conform to the historical facts and the evidence, telling the true story.  And, to my absolute delight this is exactly what Noeleen Lloyd has claimed is what’s done at the Tower.


“There is no interpretation. The story is told in the words of the day. The quotes of the day and the players. No interpretation from anyone. Just the facts as we know them”….and again “It’s clever, it’s incredibly simple yet delivers the story of the Siege in an honest, respectful and truthful way – again all from primary and contemporaneous documents, photos and drawings. No interpretations. Just the facts as given at the time.”

So, if what Noeleen Lloyd has posted is correct, there will be at least one huge gaping hole in the narrative told there, the once central pillar, the claim that only ten years ago dominated the now crumbling Jones – Kelly mythology : The Republic of North East Victoria. It will be gone because it was never part of the narratives told at the time, it was an invention spun in to the story many decades later. And there should be other holes as well, such as the idea Kelly was a hero, that he was Robin Hood figure who cared abut his family, that there was a sympathiser “Army”, that he was persecuted and oppressed – none of these elements of the Jones-Kelly Myth are based on the historical record – they are myths dreamed up and promoted by family and by Jones – Kelly sycophants.  And if its all about the historical record of the time there wont be any mention of Jones , which will be a huge first after a half century of being told he was Australias foremost authority and being given almost unlimited licence to champion his  fake Kelly legend. BBM members who posted the story isn’t going anywhere are blind : the story is being radically transformed in front of your eyes, from myth into true history.


Jones himself said – correctly – that without the Republic as its inspiration, what Kelly planned for Glenrowan was a ‘criminal atrocity on a monstrous scale’.  It would seem that’s what’s apparent at the tower, going by the recent Border Mail headline: “You’ll see the horror of it, that it’s not a myth or a fairy tale”.



And here’s something else that Noeleen Lloyd wrote that gave me great reassurance but would have sent shivers up and down the spines of legions of Kelly sympathisers “Leo Kennedy sat with us on this and it was a fabulous collaboration- we all agreed that we did not need to revise or rewrite anything. Just let the words of Ned, the police, others and the reporters tell the story as they said it then.”


And right at the entrance to the tower the first words of Kelly you’ll read are these “I expect a special train will be sent from Benalla and I am going to kill the lot”



So bring it on I say, let the tourists come and learn the true story, the story  which would never have been told if Ian MacFarlane hadnt been brave enough to stand up and call the old one out, the one that was full of fanciful myths and lies. Without him and the others who followed like Dawson, Morrissey, Kennedy, Kieza, Dufty and Brad Williams the Tower would likely have been what the BBM cult members and sympathisers generally are still hoping and praying it will be – some sort of shrine to their adored hero, a criminal police killer. 

However it seems very much as if thats what the Tower will NOT be, and if the early indications  turn out to be right, the Glenrowan Tower will be a giant leap in the right direction for truth in history telling in the north east,  something thats been lacking up that way for half a century. A big win for the true story…..all will be revealed next month.

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  1. Can't wait to see says: Reply

    What story will the screens will tell… truth or fairy stories?


  2. Well, as I said in the piece, Noeleen Lloyd has been very clear in her assertions that what willl be presented will be the facts and the evidence from the time.

    Interesting to see her there with Anthony Griffiths – he is the descendant who said on the Lawless documentary that Ned Kelly didnt have a political bone in his body. So, he at least , doesnt believe the republic nonsense, and so if he was on the advisory group or whatever it was, he would have hopefully made sure that nonsense didn’t get a look in.

    One of the tell-tales that I will be looking for is if they refer to everyone by their surname – Sherritt, Hare, Steele,Lonigan, Curnow etc but for gang members its Ned Steve Joe and Dan….to me thats a subconscious signal that ‘the boys’- another pet HATE of mine, calling them ‘boys’ – should be regarded in a somewhat sympathetic light.

    So lots to look out for once it opens on the 16th September.

  3. Announcing a magical mystery tour… Scan to enter


  4. Hey Stuart thats brilliant.

    Can I put it up elsewhere…on Facebook and the front of the Blog?

    1. Hi David, why not? All good fun!

  5. This is a big leap for truth and justice. I feel Noeleen can be trusted and is an advocate for truth, as you are my kind sir. Personally, I don’t give a damn about the tower. However if it promotes truth, based on facts, it has my vote.

    Dawson’s work on the republic is continually being challenged by the self proclaimed actor and historian Stevie Jager. I recently learnt he has compiled a narrative debunking Dawson’s work. Jager seems confused in his interpretation in the attempt to bring down Dawson. Jager, however has managed to fool his followers into believing that a republic existed based on the Jerilderie letter.

    Stevie Jäger I’m calling you out as a fake and stop promoting lies and get back to what you do best whatever that may be?

  6. Stevie Jäger, I had a thought. Would you be kind enough to grace us with your presence and expertise to join us in a friendly debate as to why you & your mob truly believe the republic of N.E.V was in fact a movement. This is your chance to add weight to your ability as a research historian.
    Give it to me Sonny boy

    1. Amigo you are right in saying Jager has a narrative challenging Dawsons work on the Republic. He gave a speech on it a few years ago and I got a copy of it a couple of years later but its no different from all the same garbage he has posted before . His problem is that he doesnt have the intelligence to understand academic arguments or research thats any more complex than walking around n the bush looking for caves.

      I can ASSURE you he will NOT appear here or ANYWHERE to make his case against Dawson and FOR the republic because he knows he will be on the canvas within seconds ( to use a Boxing analogy that he is so fond of )

  7. Sympathisers have finally had enough & come to the realisation their hero is a thug & not worth defending. Remember the sympathisers waiting in the shadows and retreating when the action got to hot. I’m utterly disgusted in the lot of you. I expected more.
    Tequila in hand and a good night to you all

    1. All they are good for is personal abuse and vilification and a few, like the coward Steve Jager like to make violent threats, which unlike the sympathisers of 1880, I believe if he was sufficiently tanked up he would foolishly try to make good on.

      I will issue a challenge to him on Facebook…

    2. Amigo I am afraid Jager has decline to respond to your challenge : He invited me to post his response to this Blog so here it is in all its foul mouthed chicken-hearted splendour:

      “Not worth my time or breath.. I don’t debate nameless trolls.If he wants a real debate then he’d front up and name himself.. shows he’s a gutless coward like yourself so doesn’t surprise me he was attracted to your page. You seriously think I’m going to reply because you agree with one nameless, faceless person?! I agree with the 100+ REAL people who have crossed paths with you over the years and think you are a fucking idiot and disgrace! The fact you think everyone else is in the wrong truly shows your level of intelligence and arrogance.. Put that in your blog”

      I love the fact that his excuse is that a you are a ‘nameless troll” – so I wonder what his excuse is for NOT debating ME, or Stuart Dawson – we are not NAMELESS….

      Actually I know the real reason, and he told me himself years ago when refusing to send me a copy of his Chiltern Republic talk : he knew it wouldnt be robust enough to withstand critical scrutiny and would be pulled apart and demolished in no time. As I said I eventually got a copy and I have to agree with him on that score. .

      Sorry Amigo your challenge is not going to be met….but as I am sure know the Republic was buried long ago, and it wont be mentioned at the Glenrowan Kelly Hub which will piss him off I daresay……but Jager is like one of those people who think Elvis is still alive…he ( sadly) and the Republic ( thank god ) are both dead.

      1. Jager is nothing but a piss weak waste of space. And just delivered more proof of that with his gutless reply. He doesn’t have the intelligence to even be described as a half-wit, the only ‘smart’ thing about him is he knows he couldn’t handle a debate with you or anyone else who isn’t part of the BBM. That page is a safe haven for him, being among the likes of Perry, Rowsell, Slattery, McGarrigle and others would make the biggest moron feel superior, and that’s Jager all over. The BBM is nothing but a support group for these losers who actually know SFA about the Kelly saga. They have all been laughed at for years, they just don’t get the joke.

        1. The BBM page is watching Ned fall from grace. Plop, there he goes, into the mud. Stupid iron moron in his glenrowan iron toilet tower. Five and a half million $ down the drain. How much will Wangaratta rates and taxes go up to pay for this crap? You watch, it will be full of tourists for the first week and the Wangaratta papers and TV news will be full of it and what a success it is. Then Glenrowan numbers will quickly drop to their normal trickle and the Ned Kelly Centre will have their hands out for handouts again. Same old, same old.


      2. Stevie Jager why don’t you take off the pink & purple dotted dress & man up for once. Have some respect for yourself and restore honour back to the Jagar name.

        You gutless keyboard warrior. You give that term a new meaning.

        Guess what Jager? I attended the Chiltern presentation and was horrified to listen to your gibberish. I have since learned the organisers were far from impressed. It was like watching a low budget movie.
        I get why you don’t want to engage, and it has nothing to do with my identity. Who I am, what I am, has nothing to do with it. So enlighten me, why haven’t you accepted the challenge to have a fair and decent debate with David? He’s no ghost, nor is he nameless & faceless as you put it. Perhaps you care to square up with Dawson instead? After all its his work your questioning.

        A final word before I hit another bottle of Tequila.
        This may came as a surprise to you. We met on the weekend of the presentation. You seemed more interested conversing with the organisers instead of partaking in our conversation. This is poor form and proves your exceptional skill for brown nosing.

  8. Sorry David, Nelvis lives…
    But he wasn’t a Republican, he was a donkey-tonk registered Democrat LOL


  9. Bert the Beetle says: Reply

    Remember when the toadies were yelling that Dufty was wrong about steam engines sending up sparks when shunting and so there had to be skyrockets lit at Glenrowan because Dufty’s solution that what was thought (by only one policeman and not seen by any of the journalists or anybody else there) to be skyrockets was actually sparks from a shunting engine and no skyrockets were there . The Toad Commander and his clownish followers yelled abuse at anyone and everyone and said steam trains don’t send up sparks .

    The Toad and the toadies were wrong again as usual . There is a lot online about What Causes A Locomotive To Shoot Sparks? https://cs.trains.com/trn/f/111/t/31218.aspx

    Croak croak stupids . The new Tower will overlook a place where no skyrockets were ever lit . Will the story told in it repeat the old skyrocket rubbish?

    1. Bertie your link talks about trains around the US Canada border that get snowbound in winter. A post says – Carbon build up in the exhaust system will cause sparks. Usually, a locomotive will have a spark catching system in the exhaust manifold or the turbocharger will “quench” the sprarks. Different type of area to our fire prone landscape and why spark arresters were fitted to trains here. Your thoughs

      1. Bert the Beetle says: Reply

        A bunch of train enthusiasts talking about how steam trains can most definitely send up sparks and you say but that is in some other country and couldn’t possibly happen here…

      2. I would guess that Spark arrestors would have been fitted to all trains everywhere.After all they do have hot dry summers in Canada and as we have recently seen, Canada is no stranger to bush fires. The point made by Bert is that David Duftys suggestion remains plausible, that the so-called ‘rockets’ – only ever seen by ONE PERSON – were actually sparks emitted from the train.

        But even if they WERE rockets there is NOTHING connecting them to the Kelly Gang other than the fact that when they were set off the Siege at the Inn was in full swing.

  10. Dirty Sanchez says: Reply

    Amigo, when the admin of this page makes false claims such as “he knew it wouldnt be robust enough to withstand critical scrutiny and would be pulled apart and demolished in no time. As I said I eventually got a copy and I have to agree with him on that score” then you will understand why Stevie Jager doesn’t visit or comment on this site

    1. Patcho Panzo says: Reply

      Because he’s a prune brain?

    2. Which claim of mine are you claiming was false? The reason “Stevie” doesnt visit or comment on this site is because he prefers to strut about in front of dim wits on Kelly cult pages who dont know any better, and bathe in their uninformed admiration of his posturing and posing. He knows only too well thats not the reception he will get here – he will get a fair hearing but his false claims and silly arguments will very quickly be shot to pieces, and he will end up wondering what the hell just happened.

    3. Buenos días Sanchez
      False claims? Please explain
      Everyone knows Jager is full of bravado & swings up the butt of Mcgarrigle and his lackey fool FritZsimmons. The three of them are as worthless as one another.

      Mantener la verdad

    4. Lobo Loco says: Reply

      Stevie and his BBM friends still think the old Jones movie tells a true Kelly story. The BBM gang are like ostriches with theyre heads in the sand. Kissing buckethead’s butt.


  11. Back to the Glenrowan round house (or iron toilet or whatever it is), I’m still amazed that the council with state government assistance has poured over $5.5M into this architectural disaster with displays that will allegedly tell a factual story about the siege and whatever else they put in there, but don’t have a couple of thousand dollars to replace the bullshit Jones-narrative signage dotted all around the place that still wank on with the old misleading lies about the “Kelly republic” myth, the crap about Fitzpatrick, the nonsense about Ned impossibly crossing the police line 3 times in armour unobserved, and a whole lot of other absolute piffle that is laughably wrong. Pathetic, Wangaratta Council, absolutely disgustingly pathetic.

  12. The Glenrowan viewing tower – A tale of blown budgets. From $2.1M to $5.5M and counting…

    Check out the headlines in the attachment!

    And next time remember to vote – well, you know what to do…

    1. And as far as I am aware the expensive Augmented Reality and Virtual reality overlays have been dumped, so the really exciting bits have been excised and we are left with a Tower and some old fashioned story boards and videos by the look of it…

      And lets not forget that the Kelly myth was in full swing when this whole scheme was committed to, but these days I wonder off anyone would be bothered to spend all that money on a memorial to a liar and a police killer who never stopped talking about himself?

      1. I did send Wangaratta Council a copy of my Republic Myth book about two years ago with the timeline in it, and pointed out that if they did a VR replay of the siege there would be nothing much happening after the first half hour (the action from 3am to 3:30am when the police arrived), then mostly nothing for most of the night which would bore people stupid.

        The Kelly nuts have perpetuated a fantasy battle that raged for hours, but not true. There was the first half hour, then some sporadic short bits, then the 10 minute last stand walk from the bush. Most of the night it was police sitting or standing around in the bush surrounding the Inn keeping watch, with no action at all. Ho, hum. Ha, ha!

        Plus, if there’s no AR and VR in the display then the budget has been even more badly blown. Everyone who had anything to do with this project should be sacked and never let anywhere near public or ratepayer funds for the rest of their lives.

        1. miss piggy says: Reply

          Stewy bloody hell dude give us a fair crack of the whip hey. we agree a minority perpetuate that the fight went on for hours on end. most of us are better read than what you give us credit for. chill man take a Bix old fella

          stewy if anybody deserves to be outed I call for noeleen Lloyd. she boasted minor errors were made and now she has egg on her face. Ho, hum ha ha
          she preaches correctness and gives a mouth full to anyone that misquotes wtf hey Lloyd be consistent when you drive facts home. wonder wonder if Lloyd blasted those responsible ?

          1. Hi Miss Piggy (?!?), I think you meant I should take a Bex, not a Bix?? Anyway I posted my rant about the fantasy length of the gunfight a week and a half ago, and I see Clark posted yesterday a sign apparently from the new Glenrowan tower claiming the gunfight was 12 hours so I think that sort of nonsense from the Wangaratta City Council (where the Mayor is allegedly a historian and Kelly enthusiast) would be enough to send anyone sensible to reach for something much stronger than Bex. Maybe a large Jameson’s and a texta…

            1. miss piggy says: Reply

              A Jameson it is then. we’ll need more than just a texta to rewrite noeleens stuff
              she wants us to believe that ned respected the blackfellows Ho, hum ha ha we need a good flush out
              ned didnt respect the blacks he repsected their abilities as trackers

              1. Attention miss piggy : Ive edited your post by removing some unnecessarily rude personal attacks, but I almost deleted your comment entirely. However, I understand where youre coming from : Noelleen Lloyd has said a lot about the Outbreak and the Hub and I think wouldnt object to criticism but it doesnt need to be vulgar.

                1. miss piggs says: Reply

                  David flippin the cards when it suits old boy me wasn’t vulgar. what is the real motive for censoring ? hey say what ? facts boy facts you been shoving down our throats now mean nothing. you ought to know noelene is not to be trusted youse see soon enogh
                  brownie points for the wise move

                  miss piggy over and out.

                  1. Abusive language results in discussions achieving nothing, because no reasonable person wants to expose themselves to personal attack and abuse. That doesnt mean people cant have robust disagreements and use strong language but there have to be limits to what is fair and reasonable.

                    My motive for ‘censoring’ – such as it was – is so that dialogue can continue, and you can continue to make your points.

                    1. missy piggy says:

                      absuvive language since when that bothered you ? fine mate im censored moved on. me pull you up on the next obusive remark youse dish out toad gang.me very muchh like youse to keep a civil tongu yeeh like bee consistent

                    2. OMG stop with the fake bad English you fool, dont you know your actual ID is showing? And heres some advice for you : if someone posts abuse and lies about someone else, that person has every right to respond in kind. Thats why, just to take a random example, I refer to the disgusting animal Mick Fitzsimons as the toad.

                      But Noeleen hasnt ever attacked me personally, and having views I disagree with doesnt give me any reason to attack her personally like you want to do. Just go away.

  13. Look its just a giant toilet


  14. Look its become a 12 hour gun battle ha ha ha idiot lies


    1. miss piggy says: Reply

      blame noelene for that clarky no faith in her whatsoever

  15. Hi Clark, were you there on Saturday? What is your crowd estimate for the grand opening?

  16. What is Wangaratta hiding? Here is a picture of the sources acknowledgement sign at the new Glenrowan viewing tower (renamed the Ned Kelly Discovery Hub).

    It invites anyone interested to scan the QR code to access the full range of primary and secondary sources consulted” for the project.

    Scanning the QR code took me to a GoDaddy page saying that the domain name was registered, That’s all. Anyone else have any luck, or is the saga of incompetence never-ending…?


    1. So, last week I completed an online feedback form for the Kelly Hub, pointing out that their QR code for primary and secondary sources didn’t work, but just went to a GoDaddy domain registry page. I asked them to please fix it so the sources could be acessed, and also to email me the list of those sources.

      I was online feedback request number 4, so they presumably haven’t been run off their feet as that was the end of the first week after the grand opening. And only 4 online feedback forms submitted to then, including mine…

      A week later and they still haven’t fixed the QR code to provide the promised access to sources. (Anyone can test this by scanning the QR code on the post above on their phone); and they haven’t even acknowledged my online enquiry, which suggests it is an entirely manual process without even an autoresponder in place for acknowledgements. Hopeless. $5.5 million dollars and counting, and they can’t even respond to a simple enquiry about what they claim to have in place.

      1. And the winner is… still waiting.


  17. I heard a lot of comment about how popular the Kelly hub was going to be; about how there were 2,200 people on the first (opening) day; about hundreds on the second day. The Hub people told me that after the big opening Saturday it was getting between 400 and 500 people per day.

    Here is a photo taken 10:47 Friday morning, the end of week 1 of the school holidays. The hub is proudly flying its open flags. There is no one in sight. Peolpe came in dribs and drabs.

    I was either parked across the road or in the hub from 9:45, before 10am opening time, until 11:45 when I left Glenrowan. In that 2 hour window I estimate perhaps 90-100 people attended, including children, with some 10 or so wandering around outside shortly before the 10am opening. I would guess the average length of time people spent there was perhaps up to half an hour including going up to to the rooftop area. I spent about 40 minutes, considerably longer than most, as I was photographing a lot of the signs and taking some notes on the videos.

    After you’ve read the little story signs, watched the two videos (the roughly 10 minute eight segment main picture in the centre surround panel video area and the roughly 5 minute narrated animated historic sketches on 4 big panels on the outer circle), and had a look at the rooftop area, there really isn’t anything else to do.

    There was no outside entertainment or other attractions; that must have been just for opening day. Just the council park. To be honest, the whole thing was a bit of a nothing-burger. It was as I suspected a sort of shrine to Kelly, just with some of the more ridiculous claims missing and a general avoidance of mentioning his overarching criminality.

    For example, while it did refer to the SBC murders, it went soft on apportioning responsibility, with its upstairs signage saying that “Accounts of the incident [note: “incident” for Australia’s historically worst mass murder to that date] vary. Ned Kelly insisted that he shot Constables Lonigan, Scanlan and Sergeant Kennedy in self defence. Surviving police constable McIntyre says they were ambushed”. Notice how the first names of the four police are obliterated from history by the Kelly-loving writers of this visitor sign. Notice how the long-discredited self-defence argument is presented as potentially valid – “Ned Kelly insisted”, versus “McIntyre says” is presented disparagingly. It is obviously sourced from Jones’ Short Life which was based on his misrepresentation of Sadiier’s 1913 Recollections to accuse McIntyre of perjury from 1967 onwards. Whoever wrote the text for this and much other signage committed a grievous crime aginst both historical fact and common sense. It seems that Wangaratta Council either employed Kelly nuts to write its text, or got some people who don’t know what they are talking about.

    The building is definitely all about Kelly – from its renaming from the siege viewing tower to the Ned Kelly Discovery Hub – and not about the Kelly outbreak in general. I will do a longer post with some illustrated critical historical details in due course.


  18. Outside the Kelly Hub is what with a sign could be a fantastic memorial to Kelly: a memory sculpture of his shrouded headless body symbollically capped with a cube reminiscent of his helmet, lying on the ground at Glenrowan in front of the giant round tower built in his memory…

    I shall call it “Waiting for Judgement” and add it to my ever-growing lifetime portfolio of conceptual art. Signed prints available, price by negotiation starting at $5,000. An extra $1,000 for a hand-numbered print. Better value than the notorious ‘Gentlemen Ned’ photo, surely. What a lemon that was.


  19. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    Oh, Stuart! Now that you mention it I do see a shrouded body! That pipe must be for the runoff or backflow of lies, deceit, and misconceptions that permeate the Kelly world? Goodo on the info on your trip to see the hub. On other fb pages there are many mentions of things found wrong in the narrative. Noeleen mentioned some that are going to be fixed but we who know the story better than your average bear are finding more. Look forward to your post about the whole thing. Has anyone taken a photo of the inside of the infamous toilets? Are they Ned themed? lol

    1. Hi Sharon, as this photo shows that whole thing is a toilet. The display signage wording in many places is what we Aussies call a sh*t show. I didn’t go inside the actual infamous toilet block part while I was there, so can’t answer that bit. Given they’ve spent so much money doing not much inside the hub, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a Ned theme inside the loos.

      Maybe cisterns shaped like helmets? I assume the gents has a urinal, so if it was quite wide they could have a couple of helmet cisterns over it so you pull the chain to flush? Or four cubicles each with a different gang helmet-shaped cistern above it? Would the Ned cubicle be the most popular? Would beefy blokes in Ned Kelly Outlaw t-shirts hold on and queue to use that cubicle only?

      Speaking of which. I only saw one man in a Kelly Outlaw t-shirt in the whole 2 hours I was out there. I bet there were a few on the first day, though.


  20. At least as important to the Wangaratta Council as the Kelly story is the claim on the directions map on the viewing platform of the tower that “Soverignty has never been ceded. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land.” I hope nobody ever shows them the 1835 Batman Treaty, they’ll have conniptions.

    And did you know that “Much of the tension that led to the Siege of Glenrowan [note capitalisation of Siege] came from friction over ownership of land following the dispossession of its Traditional Owners.”? This must be true: it says so in the text of the main video narrative.
    I feel so much more educated now. And grateful, very grateful, to the Wangaratta Council for broadening my understanding of… ah… something someone thought was relevant.


  21. The votes are in from the citizens of Wangaratta. The Wangaratta Chroinicle, a paper with a circulation of over 4,000 copies, ran a straw poll over 5 days to ask if people were excited to visit the new Kelly Hub. Only 44 people bothered to vote. Of those, 28 people (64%) said no. Only 16 people (36%) said yes. So roughly two-thirds of those who bothered to vote said no, they aren’t interested. The poll was promoted on the newapaper’s Facebook page as well as its website. I suspect that after the school holidays, visits will slow to a dull trickle, and $5.5 million Wangaratta ratepayer and Victorian taxpayer dollars will have vanished down the gurgler.


  22. Great news this Christmas! I’ve just been told about a 2021 book by prolific Australian author Jim Haynes, called ‘Great Furphies of Australian History: What you really need to know – the truth behind the myths’.

    Chapter 6 is about Ned Kelly, and guess what? He proclaims loud and clear that “As for Ned Kelly being a brave freedom-fighting rebel, in truth he was a thief, a thug and a murderer.” The chapter is titled, “The Myth of Ned Kelly’s Republic and Rebel Heritage”.

    Rumour has it that a certain Professor Dawson has helped throw a spanner in the groaning cogs of Kellydom. I’ll track a copy down and see whazzup.

    For some captivating Jim Haynes comments from the intro, see teh attachment. Yee-har!


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