NKF Members 100 Day Epic Fail

The prominent Ned Kelly Forum member and Kelly sympathiser who decided in June to attack the Death of the Legend Blog Post and Comments about the killing of Constable Lonigan must be cursing himself for rushing away and shooting his mouth off on his Facebook Page. I bet he wishes he had never committed to print his half baked theories and silly diagrams about what happened, and then attacked and rubbished me for pointing out the huge fatal flaws in his theory. I bet he wishes he hadn’t tried to wriggle out of the mess he made by going back and re-naming his comment “Part One : McIntyres Version ”,  because by doing that he obligated himself to produce Part Two, which he implied would be HIS explanation. 

He must be regretting all this because as the days weeks and now months have gone by, and he has failed to come up with the promised Part Two, his credibility as some sort of Kelly “Expert” is eroding to zero, and his original Comment and his abusive responses to my demands for him to make good on his promise are being seen more and more clearly as bluster and bullying and a smoke screen that hides……nothing! He hasn’t got a clue about how to get out of the mess he made for himself and so he is staying mute. 

I am not surprised that he hasn’t responded to my latest Post on his Page, and I am not surprised that he has posted nothing at all about anything since July. 

Its now 100 days since he made these remarks, but I am not going to forget or forgive his abuse of me and this Blog, of his boasting about how he destroyed my earlier Forums, of his ignorant attacks on anything and anyone who disagrees with him – and I am not going to stop demanding he make good on his promise to come up with Part Two. As long as he continues to fail to  keep his word, I will continue to remind him and everyone else.
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  1. Adam Smith says: Reply

    Well said Dee. Couldn't sgree more.A real internet serial pest.

  2. Dee. Move on. We get it. Next!!!

  3. His Part ! was real dumb. Swandeops/quartered bullets would all have missed at that range. The good doctor recovered one bullet from Lonergan's thigh. Ned must have cut his ball in three. Dumb.

  4. Like you Dee this guy has his own opinion. He makes some valid points which you have the right to question just as he has the right to his own view. What intrigues me is the animosity everyone here has towards him. So he criticized a book, big deal, you have criticized many books, websites and authors and you feel that is okay. So everyone is entitled to an opinion as long as it agrees with you.

    Owen Reilly

  5. Thanks Owen. But no-body has to agree with me – Bill and Sharon and various others disagree with me about some quite fundamental issues in relation to the Kelly story and yet we have civil discussions about our differences and learn from each other, and I have huge respect for them.

    The problem I have with this particular individual is that he NEVER actually debates a subject, and instead attacks the person, and if he can manage it, has the entire Forum destroyed. Moreover he boasts about having done so. He was instrumental in having me kicked off the original Kelly forum that I joined, and he quite cynically had my own two – or was it three?- earlier forums removed from the Internet by making unwarranted complaints to the forum Host. Many thoughtful hours of work and writing had been contributed to these forums by myself and numerous contributors, but HE, and other Kelly sympathisers contributed nothing but personal attacks and then anonymous postings of pornographic images with my name on them. And then they destroyed it all. It was a huge disappointment that left me feeling pretty angry. I have tried and am still trying to provide an opportunity for EVERYONE with an opinion to participate in Kelly debate, and those forums were largely successful and they were interesting and enjoyable to be a part of.

    He – and others- have tried to have THIS blog removed, and now he attacks it on his Facebook site where he persists in calling me names, claiming I am Ian MacFarlane or various other people, and poses as some sort of Kelly expert. For a long time he boasted that he had never even bothered to read the Book that he criticised – an irrational and absurd posture – and as you will know he now attacks me rather than the Book on his site. I have asked him to justify his claim to have explained Lonigans bullet wounds , but all he has done is call me names. Does all this help explain the animosity that many have toward this person? He is a wrecker, an abuser and a fraud who never puts up.

    Yes you are right I have been critical of the content of websites, of books and of authors but all my comments can be challenged by anyone who wants to, and I have tried to justify every critical remark that I have made with actual evidence. By all means challenge what I have written, be as critical as you like , I have never been afraid of criticism or argument.

  6. Paralegal Parrot says: Reply

    Accusing a person of being someone else even on the net is often libellous.

  7. He got rid of more than 30 Forumjar Forums too. Noone misses them, but they represented hundreds of hours of people's time and input.

    His endless misbehaviour over nearly four years has been massively annoying, and basically worthless.

  8. Jim Newham says: Reply

    Is Owen getting the picture yet?

    The Irish guy is a MAJOR problem who destroys any and all discussion. A tiresome, timewasting twiat.

  9. Tony Seidel says: Reply

    A vulgar gasbag. End of story.

  10. In three years he didn't manage to land a single hit on "The Kelly Gang Unmasked" book he hates so much. He is a retired truck driver and not a book reviewer.

    Another huge FAIL.

    What an idiot!

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