In 1992 when Ned Kelly was generally considered to have been a hero, a giant statue of him was erected in Glenrowan where it has remained as a big tourist drawcard to the region.


At its base is a plaque with the following inscription:


Ned Kelly

– Hanged a murderer in Melbourne, November 11, 1880 – not 26 years old – described as a rebel, bushranger by necessity, a bush battler, underdog, sometimes gentleman, sometimes larrikin and a man with a strong sense of family.

In a country born of brutal convict settlement the Kellys were one of many to suffer the notions of English class distinction property and land tenure and Anglo-Irish hatreds. With the continued persecution of his family by the police Ned fought back. The donning of armour made from plough mould boards here at Glenrowan in June 1880 made Ned Kelly an Australian Legend.

“He has lost much blood and gone two nights without sleep, he is borne down by the weight of armour, the air is still the earth icy, the mists of dawn just hang. This is the moment of history. Kelly may have escaped here. Having witnessed the death of Joe Byrne from a massive haemorrhage from a bullet to the groin – most men would have given up here, if not before. Instead Kelly went back to rescue his brother and Steve Hart.


Armed he lurches through the mist hulking swaying clanging taunting – the Legend is born. (Ian Jones)



But that was thirty years ago, last century.


In the intervening years, ongoing academic research into the Kelly story has overturned almost every one of the ideas expressed in that inscription, that the Kellys were persecuted by police, and that because of it Ned Kelly ‘fought back’ and became a hero. The noble idea popularised by Ian Jones that Ned Kelly was a political ‘rebel’ who wanted to declare the North East of Victoria a Republic has been completely disproved. The claim he was a ‘bushranger by necessity’ has been refuted by the historical evidence. The idea that he was a man with a strong sense of family has also been shown to be at odds with the evidence.


What the historical record shows us quite clearly  is that Ned Kelly was a dangerous and violent criminal. The Kelly outbreak was nothing but a crime spree that had Ned Kelly at its centre. The 2022 Kelly publications, ‘Nabbing Ned Kelly’ by David Dufty and ‘The Kelly Hunters’ by Grantlee Kieza both based on extensive research of the historical record re-affirm this view, that Ned Kelly wasn’t a victim of persecution who ‘fought back’ as the plaque claims but a dangerous and violent horse thief who became a triple police killer, hostage taker and bank robber. His ‘last stand’ at Glenrowan in June 1880 was a failed attempt to murder twenty or thirty police and innocent people by causing a train to crash at high speed. Nothing about this episode was heroic or worthy of special commemoration – it was an ultra-violent scheme for a ghastly slaughter that, if carried out successfully would have written Ned Kellys name for all time in the international lists of abhorrent mass murderers – and it very nearly was. Mercifully, he was stopped.


Knowing this to be the truth about him, one has to ask of the good citizens of Glenrowan why the hell would you want to continue to promote and profit from the name and image of a brutal criminal, and misinform tourists from all round the world?  Is there something the matter with you that you see nothing wrong with aligning your towns image with that of a truly monstrous criminal? The popular image of him from thirty years ago is now known to be completely false, and there is absolutely no reason to continue to promote the ridiculous disproven belief that he was some sort of hero who ought to be celebrated. None what-so-ever.


So, what should be done?


In 2016 Leo Kennedy called for the Big Ned statue to be taken down. His great grandfather Michael Kennedy was brutally murdered by Ned Kelly, and like the many hundreds if not thousands of people who are descendants of Ned Kellys victims, and to almost everyone else who understands the truly wicked nature of the man, the giant Ned Kelly in Glenrowan is deeply offensive. Equally offensive is the fact that money is being made out of perpetuating lies about the man, promoting for tourist amusement a false version of history that glorifies a brutal killer:

“It glorifies a murderer and a terrorist –  what messages does that send to society?” Mr Kennedy said of the statue. “I’d like to see Curnow put there in place of it, because he’s the hero. He saved lives, Kelly caused deaths.”


Its obvious what needs to be done – and its been done before in Australia!


Thirty years ago when the Giant Ned was put up, Rolf Harris was celebrated all over Australia and widely regarded as an Aussie icon and hero, just like Kelly was back then. But in 2014 Harris went to gaol in the UK after being convicted of a series of sex crimes committed against children decades earlier, and everything changed. Especially in Bassendean, a suburb of Perth where he grew up, but all over Australia as well, memorials to his life, tributes to his skill as an entertainer and artist, paintings that had hung in Council offices and public spaces were all removed. His status as a Freeman of Bassendean was withdrawn, an honorary Doctorate awarded him by Edith Cowan University was withdrawn, plaques identifying the home he grew up in and the school he went to were all removed. All of this was an entirely appropriate response to the realization that the popular image of Harris was only part of the true story about him, and that there was another dark and sinister side to him.


The same can also be said of Ned Kelly: there was a dark and sinister side to him as well, and just as in the case of Rolf Harris, it greatly overshadows anything good anyone might be able to say about him.


At the very least the Plaque at the base of the statue should be rewritten so that   tourists are no longer so thoroughly misinformed. What the plaque needs to state is that Ned Kelly was a criminal who murdered three policemen and planned to murder many more in a violent confrontation here in Glenrowan, but thanks to the bravery of Thomas Curnow he was stopped and many lives were saved. The plaque should also inform visitors that when Ned Kelly was finally caught the entire colony rejoiced.



People reading the truth about Ned Kelly will probably then ask themselves what the hell is Glenrowan town – and the entire north east doing promoting and profiting from the memory of such a man, and why do they think it’s OK to have a  giant statue of a police killer in the Main Street?


Very good questions – I would love to know what their answers would be, but I daresay it would involve claims about Ned Kelly we now know are lies. The truth about him would not be something they would be proud of.

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  1. Fair argument but it will never happen. The new tower will provide balance to the story.

    1. Really? Nothing in Glenrowan is balanced. It’s all lauding a very serious criminal, and it should not be happening.
      The truth is hidden in Glenrowan as it is in most of the Kelly towns that try and promote this vicious murdering criminal.
      The promoters are incapable of telling the truth and continue to promote fiction, myths and lies.
      Hopefully, very soon, the Ned Kelly Touring Route will start to change the rot that presently is presented to the public, and finally we may see some truth.
      About time too.

      1. All in good time Brad.

    2. Thanks for accepting my argument is fair, but if the argument is fair why wouldnt fair minded people want to acct on it?

      Also, what do you mean by saying the new tower will provide ‘balance’? Do you think its going to continue to promote Kelly as an icon and hero or start to tell the truth about him and what was planned for Glenrowan? My guess is it will try to walk both sides of the street – a dishonest ploy aimed at keeping lies about Ned Kelly in circulation when they should be dumped and forgotten about.

      Incidentally does anyone know anything at all about why the outfit that was awarded the contract to design all the tourist related content for the Tower chucked it in? I wonder if it was because the Professionals wanted to tell the true story and the local Councillors didnt ? And has anyone else been appointed to do it?

      1. Anonymous says: Reply

        You’ve got your projects muddled up.

        Yes. No. No. No.

        1. The Tower at Glenrowan, and the Statue in Glenrowan – I am unsure what you think Ive muddled. And which questions are you answering yess no no no to?

  2. Anonymous says: Reply

    So you had better get onto Ausie Post to officially withdraw the pre stamped envelope with Ned on it or at least get them to issue a new envelope denouncing Ned and there was also a stamp double put out by Ireland and Australia one with Ned and the other with Lalor, These too need to be recalled and destroyed.
    And then get all the paintings etching drawings done by Sir Sidney Nolan about Ned either burnt or as a minimum painted over in deep black.
    And his armour and that of the other thrree sent off to a blast furnace so theres no chance that the sight of it will stir the public anymore.
    And of course burn down the house that Ned was at as a kid which is getting done up at Beveridge.
    History will only be set right once all the relics of Ned are destroyed.

    1. Oh really? For gods sake grow up. You know thats not what we are talking about here – we are talking about facing facts and correcting the public record. That doesn’t stop you from believing whatever rubbish you want to but people who are interested in the actual history of the region, should be able to expect public signs and information to be accurate. Instead at Glenrowan they have been deliberately misinformed about who Ned Kelly was for 30 years. Something has to change.

  3. Anonymous says: Reply

    Which god?

    1. Oh great, someone who thinks he is a comedian has joined the Blog.

      Just grow up for your own sake mate.

  4. Hi David, the plaque text that you have quoted above should be replaced with an accurately worded text along the lines you have suggested. The Glenrowan Improvers group should agree with that without any problems, and get on with it ASAP.

    I can’t see them getting rid of the statue as Austtalia likes those Big X objects ,and the statue has been photographed so many times by tourists over the years. What needs to happen is that Kelly needs to be remembered as Australia’s most notorious colonial criminal, which is true. Then Glenrowan can make its tourist money from that tale of infamy, not from a false glamourisation. The nonsense of the current plaque has to go.

    The second step could be a statue of Curnow, perhaps confronting the Kelly statue from the other side of the street – just as Curnow did stand up to Kelly in real life, telling him at the time of the dancing that he wanted to go home and get his proper boots, while Kelly was wearing his chest armour under his coat. That was a precursor of Curnow’s courage. He then risked his life to warn the special train of the rail line derailment. Unlike the coward Kelly who with his gang in bulletproof armour had planned and come close to an insane massacre of survivours from the intended train wreck without risk to themselves, as they shot down into a culvert into which the train had been intended to crash down into. Kelly never engaged in a fair armed fight in his life.

  5. Anonymous says: Reply

    There will be no statue of Curnow. (although I agree there should be.) Get over it. Unless you guys are happy to fund it? Putting your money where your ideas and imagination are? Although there is a precedent. There was a larger than life statue of Arthur Steele in Gladstone St until the early 90s. It’s still there but re-located. So if you are a paying customer at the Glenrowan Tourist Centre, you get to see it. I can see the plaque attached to the mooted and longed for Curnow statue now. “Dedicated to the good people of Glenrowan and lovers of true history.
    . With love from David, Bradley and Stuart.
    Perhaps have him waving the red Llama scarf….

  6. Anonymous says: Reply

    I remember a comedian called Dave Allen who would end his TV show with the salutation May your God go with you [if I remember rightly.]
    I think that the Glenrowan Kelly show should be shut down as it is putting ideas into the minds of the kiddies who see it. At the very least a warning sign in a prominent position so that anyone entering the show should be reminded that Ned was a bad man.

    1. Hi Anonymous, do you mean the Animatron show, that bizarre animated exhibition with various Glenrowan seige scenes like in my attached photo? I haven’t laughted so much at/in a Kelly exhibition for ages as I did back then. Sure, it’s wacky, but good to see at least once just for the experience. Did you go through it yourself? Didn’t you love the recorded bullet sounds shooting the shed to bits around you with the flashing lights? And Ned in the last room where he speaks (total rubbish) from “beyond the grave”?

      What’s really funny is that the Glenrowan Animatron show for all its hilarious fiction is still more accurate than a lot of pages of Jonesey’s version of history!!! LOL!! Now if they just put the body straps myth and the republic myth in there somehow, that would be a total crack up!


  7. The Mingmong King will be in town running his AGM on 25/6. All welcome to attend. Uncertain if removal of statue is on agenda yet.

    1. At this stage the agenda consists of 1.Drink Beer, 2.Drink more beer 4.Bury head in the sand and pretend Ned Kelly wasnt a violent police killer but a great bloke.

      What a sickening thing King of the Ming Mongs will be presiding over, commemorating that murderous criminal and lamenting his failure at Glenrowan.

      1. Anonymous says: Reply

        The bourbon will be flowing. No doubt at some stage during proceedings his royal highness will lean back on his throne and take it all in proud in the knowledge he’s created his little Mingdom full of those he has openly despised and mocked for years and years and who now are the only ones who will go near him.

      2. Anonymous says: Reply

        Thanks for your kind words David and “Sam”. (not quite sure why you saw the need to hide your identity Braddy but whatever floats your boat. You funny little men.) :

        The event in Glenrowan is shaping up to be quite a night. At this point, I have only 35 confirmed but i suspect it will grow. I am just in the throes of organising my crown and sceptre. (or should that be my helmet and gun? Fnnrrrr….) Can I just set you straight though David? I don’t drink beer. Thought you would have known that as you think you know every f cking thing else..) I actually drink Rare Breed Wild Turkey Bourbon. Usually with dry ginger but sometimes Coca Cola. FYI. Perhaps on the 25th I should switch to Ned bourbon though out of respect for our mighty Bushranger, Outlaw and Folk hero. What I am looking looking forward to on the night is good, robust conversation with like minded friends and other interested parties. I anticipate much mirth (not Neds horse) and music. (not Joes horse.). I am hearted to hear that The Greta Mob are playing for one night only too. I am very excite.

  8. Anonymous says: Reply

    This bloody Mark Perry guy sounds like a bit of a joke. What is wrong with him?

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      Ask anybody in the Kelly scene. They all have a Perry story.

  9. Hi David and Anonymous, what is this 25 June Glenrowan event that you are cryptically talking about? Googling the date and Glenrowan doesn’t find anything. And Jameson’s Irish is surely the Kelly spirit of choice, not that Yankee bourbon stuff…

    1. On Facebook Mark Perry is inviting Kelly devotees to meet him in a Pub in Glenrowan, on said weekend. It used to be a big ‘Thing” but thank god fewer and fewer people revere and want to celebrate the anniversary of the day the idiot in armour got his brother and a whole lot of other people killed whilst failing in his mad attempt to murder even more police. They’ll toast Ned and get pissed and talk about how they all hate Dee. I wouldn’t advise going because there are many reports from other such gatherings of these people throwing punches at people they disagree with once they’ve had a few.

  10. Anonymous says: Reply

    Good Afternoon Stuart. I trust all is well with you. Mark Perry from Adelaide here. 25th June is just an unofficial get together, organised by myself, for Kelly enthusiasts at the Glenrowan Hotel. Friends, acquaintances, authors, film makers, some relatives and other interested parties have committed to attending. . Food and drinks and good vibes. It will be respectful to both sides of the story and most of them are aware of my “shades of grey” viewpoint. I have asked David and Bradley/Sam but I do not expect them to attend. You are indeed welcome as well if you would like to come along. We will not be the rabble that has previously been depicted. I hope this puts you in the picture better. Cheers.

    1. I really would like you to explain what being respectful to ‘both sides of the story’ looks like. Is that sort of like when Fascists and Neo Nazis were marching in Charlottesville and trump said there were “very fine people on both sides”?

      What I find so stomach-turning about your shades of grey BS is your refusal to even acknowledge, let alone condemn the absolute moral depravity of that obviously mad and violent killer who wanted to massacre a couple of dozen innocent people at Glenrowan. There is no moral equivalence between ‘both sides’ – there was a violent murderous criminal gang trying to escape justice on one side and on the other, as Kieza recently reminded you, a police force made of mostly hard working honest men risking their lives to maintain law and order on the frontiers of colonial Victoria.

      Going there to celebrate the Last Stand is about as repugnant an act to anyone with a functioning moral compass as it would be to go to port Arthur to remember Martin Bryant – but of course to offer respect to both sides.

      Just going there is offering disrespect and a middle finger to police and all the other victims of Kellys insanity.

      Wake the F..k up Mark.

    2. Hi Mark, thanks for that. I have been to Glenrowan several times and don’t go around in fear of assault! I have talked with many people about Kelly things from all sides of the fence including some who straight out disagree with me on the republic myth, for example, and claim it is true. That doesn’t bother me at all, even though they’re wrong, LOL. Sometimes people seem to expect that I’m an expert on history but I’m not. I’ve looked at a very few topics in great depth and don’t claim to know or even speculate about lots of other historical issues that I haven’t looked at. So I’m happy to listen to what anyone says and only look into it if I think it’s actually significant and if I have time, which this year I don’t. I can’t get to Glenrowan in June, but have fun!

      1. Hi again Mark, I see that me and David both posted at exactly 9:34pm yesterday! What I mean by looking at all sides is that while history is just a record of things that happened and the idea is to get as many of the facts right as possible, interpretations of what happened can differ widely and contradictorily. Often this is due to some interpreter leaving facts out whether accidentally or on purpose, or not being interested enough to look properly into something but just sticking to a narrative. What Jones did is very common in all areas of history: form a theory or narrative (in his case back in the 1960s) then look for anything that supports it no matter how flimsy and doubtful (body straps, republic tales), and ignore or actively reject anything that contradicts it (facts about Fitzpatrick’s evidence about April visit to Kelly’s). So you end up with 500 pages of extraordinarily well told by bunkum.

    3. Anonymous says: Reply

      You publicly said you support NKC at Glenrowan and are looking forward to it being a place of love and light. Looks like that will never eventuate. But it’s CEO was in the Wang news this week trying to stop construction of the 4 million dollar viewing platform project. Will she be at your gathering?

  11. Anonymous says: Reply

    Hi again Stuart. Thanks. I appreciate the respectful reply. Cheers.

  12. Anonymous says: Reply

    Mark at the least you will get a respectful reply or story from Stuart unlike that madman whose blog this is where he uses words of a depraved lunatic and which lack any objectivity. I thought that respectful dialogue is a far better way to converse than the uncouth stuff which is it seems the trade of the Dee man rants border on lunacy.

    1. Respectful comments from Mark Perry? Here are just a few of his ‘respectful’ comments.
      you and David have the monopoly on weird.
      You idiot.
      You are all piss and wind.
      Somewhat appropriate since you mention the village idiot. Except in your and David’s case there are 2 of them.
      she was talking about you idiot.
      have you had a lobotomy you stupid stupid man?
      Mark is not respectful in any way Anonymous. Get your facts right before mouthing off next time.

      1. Anonymous says: Reply

        Youre spot on Brad.

        Pot calling the kettle black though don’t you reckon?

  13. Anonymous says: Reply

    Ahh. Bradley Williams I presume? . AKA Sam. So good to hear from you again. I trust all is well. Where would we all be without our own personal nemesis in life? Keeps you vibrant and ticking along. You really can’t blame me for using the above phrases in regard to yourself and David can you? Really? You were (and are) posting under a fake name, you are both intolerant to other peoples viewpoints on the Kellys, you get shit on the liver when it does’nt dovetail exactly to your thoughts and theories and you both get abusive. Have you not realized that good manners cost nothing and a gentler, less sledgehammer approach could create some decent conversation? Well, no, that’s actually rheotorical because I know you don’t realize… David hijacked a thread on my personal page the other night and slammed everyone. NON Kelly related. It got a bit embarrassing. On a different note, I am looking forward to my pilgrimage to Glenrowan. Its been some years since I was there. The turnout is looking quite exciting if I do say so myself. The list can also now include book signings, police historian, cosplay, laybacks, darts comp and so much more. I must admit I am looking forward too to seeing Jesses new displays at the Tourist Centre and eating at the new BBQ Garden restaurant. You blokes dont know what you are missing….. Love from Mark. xxxx

    1. For the record Mark, your claim I ‘hijacked’ a thread is garbage. I made comments which were facts refuting uninformed comments already made by several others on Covid – comments which were not just wrong in a trivial sense but which were potentially harmful even lethal misinformation about flu and covid deaths. Several people had expressed disapproval with ‘emojis’ but calling those claims Bullshit, as I did was entirely accurate, as I showed with relevant facts. Your mob of snowflakes hates to be corrected, especially by me of course but I wager nobody else on your site has ever written a death certificate.

    2. Why would I be tolerant of anyone who worships a murderer of police, who shot Sgt Kennedy in the most vicious, cruel, wanton, and inhuman manner? He murdered both Constable Lonigan and Constable Scanlan, without giving either an opportunity to surrender or defend themselves. His intention to murder more police and civilians, including women, when the train crashed at Glenrowan is in itself a ghastly act of inhumanity.
      A man who placed women and children in harms way by holding them at gunpoint and threatening them with death. A man who stole from poor settlers, often taking their only horses, leaving them bankrupt.
      In my view, supporters of Ned Kelly, are indeed mental morons. I have no desire to waste my time with imbeciles.

  14. You and David are the imbeciles braddy boy. Now, if both of you can pipe down and live your sad little lives away from the kelly area it would be much appreciated. You are sadly both toxic and unable to be reasoned with. Without my comments on this nasty little page it will be moribund. Which it is about to become as this is my last post. You two make me sick with your holier than thou behaviour. Stop talking. Both of you.

    1. The problem for you is that facts are not something you can reason with. You have to either accept them or stick your head in the sand and deny they even exist – which is the standard approach of the delusional kelly mobsters.

      Your last post ? Youve made my day.

    2. Let me point something out to you, Mark. Jack Peterson, in his own pathetic way, continues to promote myths, lies and fiction relating to Ned Kelly. A few days ago, he again claimed that Sgt Steele fired at Margaret Reardon as she left Ann Jones hotel. You know that has been well and truly proved to be fiction and was made up to discredit the sergeant.
      Did you correct Jack? Of course not. You effectively agreed with him, saying “The odd angry shit.”
      Yet you claim you have credibility. I am yet to see it, Mark.
      And of course your comments attempt to degrade and silence people (see your last comment) who tell the truth about this vicious killer, are true to form for Kelly nut cases.

    3. The thing that demonstrates what an idiot you are is that I am not actually in ‘ the Kelly arena’ because as you know I have been banned from every part of it. Instead you chose to come to my Pages and this Blog to read what I write – but you are not compelled to – so if you dont like what is written here, stay away , stay in your echo chamber and swap your conspiracy theories and delusional understandings of history with other like minded fanatics and then you’ll be fine. Simple really… but then..

  15. Anonymous says: Reply

    Delusional Kelly Monsters are lurking in all the dark places inhabited by the bright bubbly nuts who go by the mythical names of sam and dee. The only really good death certificate would be the one announcing the end of this toxic blog. Go get a life and put your efforts to saving the world and not trying to save the nutters on both sides of the ned and his cronies words war.
    I too am off to Glenrowan for the weekend of jolly good old fashioned fun and games and perhaps the odd biffo after such stimulating exercise.
    Id love to catch up with the real David so I know what he really looks like.
    See you in the Glenrowan pub perhaps?

  16. disgruntlled says: Reply

    I took my family to Glenrowan for a day out on the Queens birthday weekend and we decided to go into the tourist centres attraction. Me, the wife and our three kids cost $124 to get in. It was nt worth the money. So that ended our trip, our spending money was gone so we didnt buy any souvenirs or food or drink. No wonder the town is on its last if one attraction can suck up so much money. The government should buy the attraction and then set prices that are reasonable or the attraction should be made free entry for a gold coin donation, then people might visit Glenrowan ande spend their money around the town.
    Neds still robbing us.
    We wont be going back for a long time either.

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      This issue has been raised before and is a very important one.One attraction which is so expensive to the detriment of other attractions/offerings is not good for any small town especially if the quality is not at a high standard tourists expect and not perceived as value for money. Spending that amount of money leaves nothing for other attractions including food and beverage.

      1. Disappointed says: Reply

        All tourist towns are a rip off. Take a picnic lunch and drinks and enjoy yourselves. There is plenty to look at in Glenrowan without spending much. Kate’s Cottage museum is cheap and full of interesting old things. The siege area is crap but the walk around the old lock up part is good. Every other shop plays rubbishy Ned Kelly songs by some moaning folk singer. The viewing tower will be a joke. Glenrowan is good for maybe two hours max outside any of the attractions.

        1. Anonymous says: Reply

          You should consider a job in tourism.

  17. Anonymous says: Reply

    Glenrowan is undergoing a renaissance.

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      It seems that way. Did anybody else notice the admission, finally, that NKC ‘tried, unsuccessfully’ to interest the Rural City of Wangaratta in the NKC project? I believe this is the first time such an admission has been made publicly. It was not Ms Griffiths who made the comment. It was the news reporter.
      The NKC Facebook page posted the Wangaratta Chronicle article and a link to the Prime Seven news report. NKC’s claim that ‘Council is listening to what we believe are legitimate concerns’ is clearly ridiculous with both pieces very clearly stating the Rural City of Wangaratta will not stop construction on the viewing platform.

    2. That so-called renaissance will also include the fact that all the myths that are presently promoted by the 7 councils that control The Ned Kelly Touring Route, will be removed, and the true story will finally be told. Their website and FB page will also have all myths removed. No doubt all the councils undertaking tours will also have their promoted material revised so the myths, lies and fiction is also removed. What will the Kelly fans do then? No doubt they will continue to promote the myths, lies and fiction that they peddle, and the ever declining numbers of Kelly nutters will be left high and dry. I have found the minds of imbeciles cannot be changed.
      So many government departments are in the process of removing the pro Kelly rubbish right now. The State Library of Victoria has removed several Kelly pages that were full of fictitious nonsense, and also the IBAC (Independent Broad Based Anti Corruption Commission of Victoria) has also removed pages that claimed that the Royal Commission found extensive corruption in the police force, and that several police careers were ended, including that of the Chief Commission of Police.
      It also claimed that many police were demoted and or reprimanded.
      None of that was true, and as a result, the fiction has been removed.
      Many more government departments to be approached to remove the fiction that presently proliferates. It is ongoing, but we are finally getting results.
      All hail to integrity and honesty regarding the true story of this vicious murdering criminal.

  18. Anonymous says: Reply

    Note to all: Sam, who posted the above comment, is actually a bloke called Bradley Williams. So his name isn’t Sam at all. Just so you know. I will call him BRAM for obvious reasons from this point. Do you see what I did there? He is a funny little disgruntled angry man. Just sayin’.

    1. Oh really Mark? Just wondering why youve decided to post as “Anonymous” – when you seem to have a problem with someone else not posting under their real name , and feel its incumbent own you to disrespect someones desire to be anonymous and ‘out’ them. It is of course what you did to me and to Ian MacFarlane and here you are doing it again.

      I personally dont give a damn what name you post under. But what I really HATE and am completely and utterly sick and tired of is smart arses like you who criticise people who do post anonymously or under a pseudonym and then do it themselves. Its called HYPOCRISY, so whatever else you may be, and words like delusional and in denial and pathetic spring to mind – you are clearly also a bloody hypocrite in the same class as Owen MacLachlan, Frederick Brewster , Sarah and Fred which are a few of the fake names used by the odious Mick the sicko Fitzsimons who of course ‘never’ posts here, and neither does Bob bloody McGarrigle who called himself Hazel but claims he never uses fake names either. Sickening hypocrites the lot of you.

      1. Anonymous says: Reply

        Word is that’s not the least of what he’s done to you David. You are better off not knowing.

        1. Ive been hearing these disturbing whispers for quite some time, and wasnt inclined to believe them but now I am afraid I do. It saddens me to be honest.

          1. You and several others have every right to feel very upset, hurt and betrayed. All the ‘winks’ and the ‘see what I did theres’ belie a sad truth. The glaring absences at the forthcoming get together will paint a much clearer picture of a very, very sad story.

    2. Mark, I ask you to look at Jack Peterson’s FB site and tell me he is not existing in a state of complete delusion, along with several of his contributors to the rubbish written on that page.
      He states; “Kelly had in fact gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that civilians were not harmed.” That is when Kelly took 62 hostages at Ann Jones Glenrowan Inn. So according to Jack, taking hostages and putting them in front of where he intended to have a shoot out with police was not putting them in harms way? Completely delusional. Then Barry James Gough states: “Was intended then to establish the Republic of North East Victoria, with the support of small settlers who had also been bullied by the police.” That nonsense was dismissed as being total fiction years ago. Then of course we have Mick Fitz, who blames the police for everything, makes the following comment.
      “Once again you have nailed it Jack. One thing that has always really annoyed me, is those held in the Inn being referred to as ‘hostages’. If they were hostages of any kind, it was forced by the actions of police, not the Kelly Gang.”
      Some people live in a world of delusion. There is more, but I will leave it at that. The sad part of all this is that Mark Perry, who has claimed that he accepts much of the factual information that has been presented to him by substantial evidence, has now shown his true form. Sadly, Mark, you are part of the problem, and you are in no way the solution. You know, what is stated on that site is a load of garbage, so why aren’t you correcting them?

  19. Ive drawn a blank i was going to explain but its not coming back as to what I was going to ramble on about. It was an interesting story about Ned his Neddy and the police neddys. It would have been more interesting than the rubbish that gets pasted in this site. So who was Ned really. Someone in disguise once said that a can of beer was much more interesting to talk about than the can on the head of a beardly wild eyed nutt case who gets all the comments in this place. Lets get back to serious conversations and lets bury all this tit for tat crap that is fouling up this place

  20. Anonymous says: Reply

    A large piece of the Curnow shawl was auctioned in Melbourne last week. $9500 plus buyers premium.

    1. Wow, thanks for noting that. I found the Leskie Auctions page and it says the pre auction price estimate was $1,500 to $2,500 so someone really got carried away. I would have guessed a few hundred dollars maybe, but over $1,000 is crackers for a bit of cloth. I hope it wasn’t some government funded loony buying it for a taxpayer funded museum!

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