I don’t really give a rats about what happens on the BBM Facebook page…. except for two things : firstly I dont like it when people are misled by buffoons pretending to be experts, and second, the fact that almost every day of the week someone on it will reference me and my Page in disparaging and often vulgar and insulting ways, dismissing content on this page as “woke” whilst hypocritically claiming “we are a good people’. Someone needs to call these charlatans out…so, read on:

The other day Perry reposted to their page the LONGEST thread that’s ever  been on that Page :  at last count 156 comments  ( UPDATE : now its up to 174 ) in a thread entirely devoted to attacking, abusing and denigrating me. Mark Perrys opening sentence is “Youre a f-ckwit MacFarlane”. I suppose he wanted to remind himself and everyone else on his page about what a ghastly individual I am, and by doing so discredit what I write…their favourite tactic for years, and one that has completely failed. But for a kind of pathetic laugh here are some of the terms of abuse directed at me in this ONE thread : vile creature, nasty, off his rocker, badly unhinged, absolutely disgusting, little man syndrome, psychiatrists nightmare, woke wankery, nasty little piece of work, vile temper, delusions of grandeur, no family to care for him, disgusting, mental illness is in play with him, fuckwit, bully, rude to friends, not all of his dogs are barking, has a Serious Brain Injury, serious need of some heavy therapy, hateful tirades, totally insane, sickness in his own mind, fool, fruitcake…..There are of course many other threads on that page that are filled with more of the same abuse…

All these apalling comments are posted in the echo-chamber that Ive been barred from, so its not just hateful abuse but cowardly abuse as well. Could anyone disagree?  But I am not playing victim here : this stuff has been going on for a decade, I am used to it and I am sure nobody reasonable would take any of it seriously. In fact mature adults  would see such childish name calling as reflecting  very badly on the people posting it, harming their cause not bolstering it . So I want to keep exposing and keep drawing  everyones attention to  the nastiness of the majority of people who publicly promote and venerate Ned Kelly and the hypocrisy of Mark Perry on BBM claiming ‘we are a good people’. Sorry , but those are not the thoughts and comments of good people but of offensive childish hypocrites.


For years now, people on BBM have been telling each other to ignore me and not to post on my Page, advice to themselves that I wish they would take ….but they keep flocking here and to my FB page to read what I write and they keep posting about me  – not here of course but from the safety of their echo-chamber … This week, by trying to link me to Drag Queens all they  are revealing is yet another dimension to their hateful bigotry; last week it was pedophilia they wanted to associate me with, before that it was mental illness…it goes on and on.  Believe me nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be totally ignored by these awful abusive people, but if they are going to continue to lie about me and vilify and disparage me, I will continue to expose them as abusive and ignorant.

What I call them out for, apart from their deplorable fondness for personal abuse is their demonstrable ignorance, the latest clear example being yet another clanger from the con-man promoted to moderator, the anti-woke crusader who misinforms the readership almost every time he posts something. What is also remarkable I suppose is there doesn’t seem to be anyone on those sites knowledgeable enough to call him out most of the time, though recently he was pulled up for posting that Redmond Barry sentenced Captain Moonlite to death, and some weeks before that he was thoroughly schooled about his ignorance of Fitzpatricks religion and national origins….theres quite a long list of the elementary blunders he has posted.


So what did he Post that was wrong this time? ….  mostly plagiarised, unattributed comments about Denis Sullivan, a man Ned Kelly interrogated at the siege of Glenrowan, mistakenly thinking he might have been a notorious murderer, also named Sullivan. Rowsell seems to think the same thing.


“Interesting he may well have been the man Sullivan Ned was after” responded the other moderator PJ”Kelly” and Rowsell gives PJ a thumbs up. “Nice research” says Steve Jager, and Rowsell and PJ give him a thumbs up too…

But no, this ‘research’ was not ‘nice’  and not even ‘research’ but the provision of sloppy and clueless  misinformation  from a know-all who in another thread gave out advice to David Dufty on how to do research…the catalogue of garbage  posted by Rowsell just keeps growing…

I refer interested readers to the facts Rowsell missed completely that can be found in “I was at the Kelly Gang Roundup” which is  the result of Judith Douthies thorough  ‘actual’ research. Denis Sullivan is revealed to have been an Irish selector, father of seven working as a linesman. There’s even a quite well known drawing in the book of him and Reardon pulling up the railway track at gunpoint (reproduced at top of page) Judith Douthie traced Sullivans life from birth in County Clare, quotes extensively from the evidence he gave at the trial of Mrs Jones, and catalogues his troubled life till it ended in Essendon, in 1908. Much of this mans biography can also be found in Corfield but I suppose it’s one of the books PJ”Kelly” and Jager and lazy plagiarist Rowsell dont need to consult, being such well-informed Kelly researchers. Kellys claims about Sullivan were described as ‘nonsense’ by Ian Jones, another book these Kelly devotees seem oddly unfamiliar with.

So I daresay,  Ian Jones would regard Rowsells post as nonsense as well.

I wonder if Rowsell will now post a correction so that his readers don’t remain misinformed, and thank me for providing the easily discoverable facts that he and PJ and Jager ( another self-appointed Kelly historian by the way)  entirely missed. Somehow I doubt it. I expect he will do what he usually does when he’s caught out, he’ll spin a convoluted tale about how nothing is ever really proven, and nobody can ever know the truth and therefore he is right. Yeah….right! 


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  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    Hello David. Interesting article. My rebuttal and corrections to some erroneous points will follow. Cheers. Thank you.

    1. Great. I am not afraid of constructive criticism…..but now I have a feeling there wont be any from this ‘anonymous’ commentator.

    2. So anonymous, you’re obviously struggling with your rebuttal and corrections…. I guess its difficult when the mobsters just keep proving my points by continuing to post lies about me and bullshit about the kelly story.

  2. Ive deleted a comment from an Anonymous person because it was just a continuation of the longstanding practice of personal attack. But I will say one thing : I am well aware of the fact that people hate me – the list I gave in the post is proof of that. But the reason I am hated is because I have been exposing and dismantling peoples fantasises about Ned Kelly. Becoming a focus for hate and abuse is what happens to everyone who dares challenges these odious ignorant people. Trying to manufacture excuses to hate me out of analogies and metaphors I use in my writing is just avoidance of the real issue : you want to stop me from telling the True Story.

    And heres something else to think about Anonymous : the truth of my arguments don’t depend in any way on what kind of person I am, or whether or not you like me, so even if all those vile insults were 100% true and hating me was perfectly justified you would still have failed to answer the arguments I am making, and the Kelly myth would still be collapsing like a sandcastle as the tide comes in.

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