Lets all Celebrate the Glenrowan Siege

For the last ten or twenty years, in late June, Kelly sympathisers have gathered at Glenrowan to commemorate and celebrate  the Siege of June 1880, the focus being Ned Kellys menacing armour and his so-called ‘Last Stand’, a desperate 15 minute act of insanity Kelly sympathisers think was heroic. It used to be a highly-organised and very popular event with a formal dinner and a guest speaker, but along with almost every other local Kelly related event in recent years, as the Kelly myth has been unravelling, this too has now dwindled to almost nothing. All that will happen this year will be a pathetic meet-up of maybe a couple of dozen Kelly fans for a Saturday night booze–up. One of them wrote that we’ll all be in Glenrowan having a few drinks and a good pub meal in honour of the Kelly gang and co”and another said the idea is to ‘raise a toast to Ned and the boys’. They’re counting down the days like excited children waiting for Xmas.



These days, thanks to myth-busters like Ian MacFarlane, Dawson, Morrissey, Kieza and Dufty, all of us, sympathisers included, are much better informed about what the gangs plan was for Glenrowan. Sympathisers can no longer pretend, as they used to, that it was something to do with a noble cause such as a Republic – that notion has been exposed as a fiction invented decades after the Gang had disappeared. Instead what we know know for a fact is that it was a plan to turn Glenrowan into a blood soaked killing ground, to slaughter without mercy the entire trainload of police,  and anyone else who got in their way;  a colossally violent and utterly depraved act that even Ian Jones recognised would have been a criminal atrocity of monstrous scale.

Sympathiser myth makers want you to believe that the gangs  victims would have just been the hated police but thats a lie.  The gangs victims would also have been the several innocent people on the train,  and any maimed survivors, some of whom would have been left with life-long injuries, or who  only died after suffering horribly over days and weeks till they eventually  succumbed to the complications of life threatening injury, blood loss , and infection, in an age when there was no such thing as  blood transfusion, antibiotics or safe anaesthesia and emergency surgery.  The gangs victims would also have been the forgotten grieving wives, children and loved ones of everyone killed, and to any animal lovers out there, spare a thought for the  police horses on that train : they also would have been killed or injured and suffered horribly until hopefully some kind person euthanased them. The horrendous brutality, the horror and the misery that would have been visited on Glenrowan, and that town for all of the rest of its history if Ned Kellys apocalyptic, insane plan for mass slaughter had succeeded is almost unimaginable and cant be underestimated. 

So by all means, go there Kelly admirers, show off your tattoos and your Kelly stubbie holders and get plastered and talk as much shit as you like about your lunatic hero and his absurd failed armour. There’s no law against believing bullshit and admiring a sick thug. But just remember this: every time you raise your glass to Ned Kelly you’re raising your middle finger to the murdered policemen, you’re raising your middle finger to their bereaved wives and children, you’re raising a middle finger to the memory of Johnny Jones, Martin Cherry, George Metcalf and Aaron Sherritt who died in the siege, you’re raising your middle finger to all Ned Kellys victims, including the innocent horses, and telling them all that matters is the Last Stand and your contemptible worship of a delusional maniac. Bollocks. Celebrate and be ashamed, if shame is something youre capable of feeling . 


For everyone else though, there is in fact a genuine cause for celebration and guilt-free toasts on the siege Weekend coming up, a cause shared by most of Australia, many many more people than the shameful mob of fanatics who venerate the killer : its the anniversary of the weekend when the murderous Kelly Gang was brought to its knees,  Kellys  abominable  scheme for Glenrowan was stopped in its tracks and Kelly was finally brought to account for his crimes.  This celebration would be doing something that was done all over Victoria in June 1880 : rejoicing and celebrating with relief and happiness that the Kelly Gang had been destroyed at last, that the drunken violent fugitive  thieves and murderers were at last  made to face justice. So yes, lets celebrate the Siege Weekend coming up with a few toasts of our own, to the destruction of the Kelly Gang, to the  sacred memory of all their victims to the triumph of good over evil, and to Thomas Curnow the extraordinarily brave young man who virtually single handedly, brought Kellys reign of terror to an ignominious end.

Read the newspaper account from 1880 , below, to remind yourself that what I am saying in 2023 is exactly the same thing they were saying back then, before the Kelly mythmakers had a chance to try to rewrite history,  and watch out for this sentence “Not a doubt can be entertained that had the train expected to arrive with the police been upset, every being contained in it, if not killed by the accident, would have been ruthlessly shot down like a dog, or an opossum.”

The Destruction of the Kelly Gang

The destruction of the Kelly gang is a great blessing. It has spread throughout the country a sense of relief hardly expressible in words. Had society been ridded of a horde of hyenas, wolves, and tigers, thirsting for human blood, the joy would scarcely have been greater than that felt at the hunting-down of this band of unmitigated ruffians and murderers.


For two years has the country, infested by those men, been living in a state of terror and panic, subject at every and any minute to their depredations, cruelties, and crimes. The whole moral atmosphere of the district was becoming tainted with their influence and presence and had the immunity enjoyed by them so long lasted much longer, bushranging would have held out irresistible attractions to youn adventurous spirits of the Kelly- Byrne type and would probably have increased to an alarming extent.


Their career, however, fortunately, has now been brought to an end, but with a sacrifice of innocent lives appalling to contemplate.  To such brigands police, peaceful citizens, and even children are alike enemies, if found on the track of their nefarious doings; and if, in the late sanguinary encounter, where children were actually exposed by them to the shots of the besiegers; no women fell victims to their murderous deeds, it is because the circumstances of the case did not require their sacrifice.


The wicked design of wrecking the train sent to convey men to protect the citizens from harm, shows the diabolical pleasure taken by those ruffians in a purposeless destruction of human life.  Not a doubt can be entertained that had the train expected to arrive with the police been upset, every being contained in it, if not killed by the accident, would have been ruthlessly shot down like a dog, or an opossum.


The whole chain of events, however, seemed  to turn against these miserable criminals. The fatal blunder made by them was the conception and execution of the murder of Sherrett, and the determination to cause and witness the upsetting of the train from Melbourne

That prudence and skill shown by them in all their previous exploits, in this one appeared to have abandoned them entirely, emboldened probably by the success which had accompanied them  on every former occasion. It is not the first time a too implicit belief in success has led men on to ruin, and it will probably not be the last. Had they, after the shooting of Sherrett, withdrawn with due speed to their fastnesses in the ranges, instead of stopping, on their way back, at Glenrowan to wreck the railway train, they would have had a lease of their reign which, aided by the numerous friends that had so long protected them, might have extended over another two years. But their time had come. Revenge urged them into the commission of an irretrievable blunder, into the taking of a step, one error in which would encompass them in ruin and death. They waited not for the destruction of the police, but for the destruction of themselves. Like demons they have lived, and like demons they have died.


Never perhaps in the long and sanguinary history of bushranging, has Colonial Society been cursed with four fiends of so black a dye. Three of them have died as they should not have died, and have been saved that death which, if murder is to be punished by the common’ hangman, they have thoroughly earned for them selves. The leader of the band, though wounded, alone is saved to go through the torture of a protracted trial and a criminal execution.


Will this be a warning to others?


Unfortunately, we fear not. Bush ranging is only too widely looked upon not in the light of a criminal, but of an adventurous pursuit. Hundreds will extend their sympathy to, and therefore, share the spirit and feelings of these ruffians. It is the first step towards following in their tracks.


And as opportunity makes the thief, so it makes the bushranger. ‘Ce n’est que le premier pas qui coute’. And that once got over, robbery with arms, wounding the police, and murdering innocent and law-abiding citizens follow in a natural sequence.


Attractive however as all this may appear to be to a few of our criminally inclined young bushmen, its end sooner or later is on the scaffold, or in the cells of a dreary prison. Were there no sympathisers with men like the Kellys the Gardiners and the Thunderbolts we should have very few bushrangers, and a scanty supply of the stuff out of which bushrangers are made


We are sure our readers will join us in the congratulations we offer this colony on the destruction of this world-renowned gang of robbers and assasins


Singleton Argus July 7th 1880

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  1. Hi David, that’s a great article from the Singleton Argus; I’m pretty sure that there was a condemnatory write-up in the Bulletin magazine too, but I can’t find it just now. Anyone else know what issue that was?

    BTW I went through Glenrowan earlier this year; attached is the totally unimpressive view of the now $5 million dollar Glenrowan Viewing Tower seen from the Ann Jones Inn site. What a sad joke. It was supposed to cost $2.3M in the Ned Kelly Alive report, so now more that 100% over budget. And the estimated return on investment is …. nothing!

    (The detailed projected costs in that report were construction, $2,050,0000; annual running cost over ten years, $120,000 x 10 = $1.2M; for a total 10 year cost of $3,250,000. They’re already spent twice that and it hasn’t even opened yet so annual operating expenses haven’t begun.)

    With free entry and and obvious need for overnight security it will be a massive loss leader, throwing Tourism Victoria money straight down the toilet. How much extra time was theTower supposed to encourage visitors to spend in Glenrowan? According to the Ned Kelly Alive report pp. 59-60, the Viewing Tower and Seige Site together are expected (if a fair wind blows) to increase total visitor time spent in Glenrowan by – wait for it – half a day (0.5 of a day) together, with thge Viewing Tower contributing 0.2 of a day within that. In other words, the multi-milion dollar viewing tower was projected to increase visitor time in Glenrowan by not even an hour and a half. But hey, your taxes at work! What a moment to celibrate!


  2. A white elephant to enable visitors to see where one of the most violent criminal act in Australias history didnt happen!


    to see where Australias most ruthless criminal gang was smashed to bits!

  3. Coward’s castle? A sunken helmet peering out of the mud? A monument to failure on a grand scale? Hard to say what exactly this unsightly mess is supposed to be when seen from the railway bridge.


  4. Actually, I think it looks more like a giant toilet, with its little cousins in front of it. If this circular monstrosity had existed back in the day they could have hung the whole gang from it then flushed them…

    After all, they hung Byrne’s body on the courtroom toilet door for the photographers, didn’t they? Or have I got that wrong?

    In any case there was no sympathiser army, and not even one single so-called sympathiser, that fronted up with either a revolver or rifle to assist them against the police during the Glenrowan affair, remember. The sympathiser army was just a longstanding Jones fantasy based on leg-puling by a descendant from thsoe days, which he himself admitted later was a leg-pull, and was completely dismembered in my Republic Myth book.


    1. Billy Boggs says: Reply

      There are delays with the tower.
      Big failures in construction.

  5. On June 26 , just after 6pm, I shall say a prayer for and remember my Great Grand Uncle Aaron.
    I will say a prayer for and remember his young bride Belle and his parents John and Ann who lost two more sons, Jack and William, as a result of the shootout two days later – they left the North East fearing for their lives; and his 10 younger brothers and sisters.
    I will text my children, as I do every year, to remind them to remember their GG Grand Uncle, which they will do.
    I will celebrate the destruction of the Kelly gang of murderous outlaws on June 28 and remember Martin Cherry and Johnny Jones who died of gunshot wounds received during the shootout; and the boy Reardon who was wounded.
    I will remember the police whose reputations were destroyed as a result of the Police Royal Commission inquiry into the Kelly outrage.
    I will remember Kennedy, Lonigan and Scanlon who were murdered on the Stringybark Creek. I will remember their families.
    I will lament the shocking waste of money on a crap tourist attraction at Glenrowan that celebrates cop killers.
    I will lament the appalling works of fiction, film and print, written by fantacists over the past 100 years – all of which contain factual errors.
    And I will thank God for web sites like this which are getting to the truth and helping set the record straight.

    1. Wonderful contribution Don. Kelly’s victims are never considered by the pro Kelly mob.

  6. Thanks Don that is the only kind of acknowledgements and commemorations that should happen on that horrible anniversary.

    And thank you also, for sharing your personal links to the story that are not via the sympathiser mobs, who have largely drowned out voices like yours by their incessant promotion of the lies and the bullshit known as the Kelly Legends.

    And your compliment about this Blog is also very welcome and appreciated. Its actually the ONLY such Blog on the entire internet where people can challenge the disproven garbage about Kelly that the loathsome sympathiser drunks plan to recycle yet again next weekend. Take heart that they are a diminishing mob, and they are also a mob whose vileness, whose hypocrisy and whose love of conspiracy theory we are exposing to the world. I think it would be fair to say they are history.

  7. Just a bunch of bored, and boring, people meeting up to bitch and moan about the people who aren’t there, then going back to their motel rooms to bitch and moan about the ones who are. Kelly won’t even be in their top ten subjects of discussion. The BBMs only ‘go to’ for any Kelly information is the Last Outlaw dvd.

    If only Perry’s ‘mods’ and ‘friends’ knew what he really thinks of them, and the choice names he calls them behind their backs. The only reason they would turn up would be to punch his lights out. Although Tracy Young would push them both out of the way to be first in line … if she knew what he dares to call her behind her back. Now if all the people going knew the real Mark Perry, it would make for a VERY interesting meet up. I would ‘raise a glass’ to that.

    I wonder who Perry will try and grope this year? WINK.

    1. JT you seem to have the inside information on these mostly miserable and hateful people. A small number of them are reasonable, some very reasonable but most are laughable buffoons.

      I agree with your comment about Mark Perry : how he calls people brother and acts as if they are best buddies while at the same time he scoffs and derides them, – and in the case of one prominent woman unending comments about her breasts – behind their backs. I have extensive personal experience of this behaviour of his.

      I havent heard he is a groper before : he certainly has a very adolescent attitude to women, demonstrated in his frequent refrain “Thats what she said” double entendre, and the nauseating ‘wink’ – so it wouldnt surprise me. Actually Ive wondered if bots that have tracked his internet viewing habits are the reason the BBM FB page is currently being plagued by frequent appearance of links to porn sites??

      Just yesterday he acted once again in a contemptible and treacherous way, posting an image on Facebook of himself and the wife who dumped him not so long ago : how the hell does he think she would feel to have him posting on Facebook images of the two of them together? If I was her I would be furious. But for Perry, its all about himself, and a careful but now crumbling veneer of sophistication.

      1. You described him perfectly. Perry thinks he’s funny and intelligent, but he’s just a dirty old man. Toilet humour is all he’s good for, that kind of thing is embarrassing enough from a kid, but from a man pushing 60, it’s just sad.

        He likes to surround himself with gullible idiots who respond to his ‘poor Mark’ posts (which he loves above all else), so the lot on the BBM are a dream come true for him. Still, it’s hard to believe none of them see through his nice guy act. If they only knew. He feels smug and superior among them, but know this, all his mods and regular posters at his BBM have huge knives in their backs. The smut he says about almost every female on there would make them all leave. Then again, maybe not, most of them seem to like to keep their heads in the sand when it comes to Perry. God knows why, I guess they’re all just desperate.

        You are right about there being a few good people around. There are some who are genuinely interested in the Kelly’s and history, and are not just cop hating bogan’s. A perfect example is Sharon Hollingsworth, the person with the most knowledge who ever posted on the BBM. But of course instead of welcoming her and her knowledge (just as they are with you) they felt threatened by her. Thanks to the childish abuse and disgusting racism from the likes of Bob McGarrigle, she no longer posts there. I’m glad she doesn’t waste her time and knowledge on them anymore, they aren’t worth it.

        I think Perry will come undone very soon.

      2. Some are strikingly conspicuous in their absence don’t you think David?

    2. You heard it first right here : Perry is now hitting on “Maz”, as illustrated by the photo he posted on their page with his arm around her shoulder…I thought she was a married woman?

      I wonder if they will announce this weekend?

      1. She is an easy target for him.

      2. The other half of that photo is even more laughable. There he is for all to see, the big tough talking semi literate himself, PJ KELLY! HAHAHAHA!

        The photos from their get together made me think how I’ve never seen so many backward looking bogan’s together in one place since I watched Deliverance!

        Only those hillbilly’s were much better dressed than all this lot.

      3. Turbocharger says: Reply

        Were there any Kelly gang families or relatives descendants at this seige weekend or was it just a bunch of overweight beer swilling outsiders that went to hero worship. Were the relatives in a different hotel down the street. Some noisy Kelly fans were notable by their absence. Maybe the grumpy pensioner and the croaking flabaguts couldn’t afford a motel room in Glenrowan but they could have stayed in their friend the pig farmers motel near Wangaratta. Where was the iron outlaw website jock and his fan club. I counted about 15 people in those photos and most of them looked like they needed reinforced chairs and grecian 2000 as well as deoderant. Comfortably numb after a few pints by the look.


    3. Actor of no ability Jager says: Reply

      Perry a two faced and untrustworthy individual.
      He ruined his marriage after ****************** nks member. Perry ruined his friendship with the curator of the Ned Kelly vault. Perry wtf! What’s your game?

      I know you’re reading this mr Perry WINK, WINK. See what I did there?

      1. Anonymous says: Reply

        Admin plz explain why my post was edited?
        Your life long pal and actor extraordinaire
        Stephen Jager

        1. I hardly ever edit posts. More often, but that is also rare, I delete them when they contain stuff thats not acceptable. A certain amount of argy-bargy can be OK – I indulge in it myself – but it should be aimed at the Kelly debates and the comments and behaviour of people in relation to their promotion of the Kelly story. I do NOT want this place to become a place like the sickening putrid swamp overseen by Mick Fitzsimons repulsive FB page where sympathisers gather to endlessly vilify and abuse and lie about me and others, and do almost nothing else but make disgusting personal attacks on people who have different views about the outbreak than they do. So peoples private lives are out of bounds. We dont need to stoop to that level of desperation to win the arguments…and believe me we ARE winning them. But having said that I share your loathing of that man, and understand your desire to expose him…but we mustn’t sink to their level.

          1. You sir are definitely the BEST BLOODY MAN. No matter what the fitzy would like us to believe.
            Are you aware that Fitzy [the toad] ruined a friendship between he and Brian Macdonald. Oh, yes, this is fact. Ask him what is was over.
            Hey Toady and bobby Mc carrigle I sit and laugh with amusement as you both falsely pin the blame on the doctor for the derogatory comments I made towards you, Jager and parry. Let me remind you fitzy don’t bullshit your readers as the comments I made towards the said named is nothing short of the truth

            And so fitzy would like us to answer a few questions. Sounds like the fitzy clan are crying out for a truce Bwa ha ha. I’ll play along this once.
            1. Do you have a moral compass or conscience? [Not towards ditzy jaguar, Mccarrigle Parry]
            2. Do you have empathy and compassion for others? [as above]
            3. Do you realise that others will judge you on where you post, who you interact with in a favourable way and what you ‘like’ in their comments? [as your followers will judge you]
            4. Do you believe that what Dr. MacFarlane posts and allows to be posted, whether by himself or others using fake names, is acceptable? [hello its a free world]

            1. Yes I know all about the abuse Fitzsimons heaped on Brian MacDonald on the Ned Kelly Forum, and that it led to Brian completely withdrawing from the Kelly scene. I had a fabulous lunch at the Rocks with Brian a few years back and I learned a lot!

              But as for the toad and his hangers on – theyre descending deeper and deeper into complete conspiracy theory lunacy and long ago I realised its pointless trying to correct them. He knows nothing about operating a Blog like this one, he has identified at least a dozen different people as ‘me’ over the years and no matter how many times I tell him he is wrong, and how many times he eventually discovers that yes he WAS wrong, it makes no difference, he just keeps on doing it. As you say, he is wrong again. He and Bobs most recent versions of history and especially their vilifications of Sharon are absolutely disgusting and contemptible. Poor naive Glenn Prigg has been totally sucked down their putrid rabbit hole by their disgraceful lies about her …and heres the next challenge for Perry : Is he going to tell them to shut the fuck up and defend Sharon who he recently said was his friend? Or is he once again going to demonstrate his utterly cowardly and supine spinelessness and say nothing? Its already way past the time that he should have opened his mouth so my guess is he is going to pretend he never saw it…but everyone knows he is all over the internet all day long.

              1. Anonymous says: Reply

                Why are they so hostile towards Sharon? in fact, my observations detect hostility towards anyone that sides with you and anyone that disagrees with fitzy and his beloved clowns.

                BWA HA HA

                1. Anonymous says: Reply

                  The slug club have one of the worst hate pages on the internet. The toad’s goal is to bully anyone he disagrees with off the internet. That is why he shut down a few dozen Kelly forums because he thinks he’s the only one in the world that is right about everything. He is also one of the biggest trolls on the internet. He is proud of it. He has a whole hate site about a book he admits he hasn’t read. (Because he is too stupid to read and understand it). He wants to shut down this blog and David’s Kelly facebook page. No one posts anything on his page except hate. None of them talk about Ned Kelly any more. They are delusional navel gazer bullies with a psychotic hated of David. The toad thinks David should get psychological help. The toad himself is a psychiatrists nighmare. Rebit rebit barf.

            2. Pest Exterminator says: Reply

              Says it all


              1. Perfectly

                1. Anonymous says: Reply

                  One for the pigs


              2. Pest Exterminator says: Reply

                Fitzy Bob and there kelly loving mates are police hating morons


                1. He is a loud mouth tool I agree


                  1. For almost a decade Fitzy has manipulated and lied to his closet friends and acquaintances to achieve status. A sick and deplorable individual and followed by a group of mud sucking desperadoes.
                    As for that whinging and incompetent loud mouth Mc Garrigle. His own blood have distanced themselves from him. He cant be trusted with family secrets. A fine pair Fitzy and Mc Garrigle have become.

              3. Look at them all sucking hard!!!


  8. Charlie C. says: Reply

    Will the Iron Outlaw losers with their 1980s Kelly fanboy website be heading up to get plastered too? Are any of their hundreds and thousands of website followers going or is that made up numbers? Will they be there autographing their piles of unsold amazing research like the book of some handwriting expert’s analysis of Kelly’s letters proving that Ned was a literary genius? Or just drunk under a table after raising too many glasses to Ned and the boys?

  9. Magnifco mr Macfarlane your email to the editor a bloody good move.
    I raise my glass not to the the kelly thugs but to the forgotten souls who were unwillingly caught up in the deadly deeds of Kelly & co.

    1. Yes, I’m glad they included his comments in the article.

      That would have soured it for Perry and the BBM.

  10. A topic of consideration
    Has the shire of Wangaratta or the Glenrowan improvers group considered erecting an honour board listing the names of those that were captured and of those that lost their lives during the murderous antics of Kelly & co?

    A note for your readers my good doctor.
    if any of you attend the BBM get-together please remember the victims by honouring them by lighting a candle. A small thought goes along way.

    A show of candles at the siege site will be fitting enough. I would dearly love to see photos posted on the BBM & NKS Facebook pages.
    I see Stephen Jagers request to wear his amour was well received by many on the BBM page. How will my idea be received? I wonder.

    1. Jager will no doubt be proudly displaying his Ned tattoo, showing a bit of leg. Maybe he will try and mount a horse in authentic full weight armour (if he has that) and see how far he gets. Maybe the local copper will mistake him for an outlaw and shoot his legs out from under him to see him beg for mercy.

      1. Anonymous says: Reply

        Hutch FYI.
        As we got to the road, I found that we were accompanied by Ned Kelly, Byrne, and my brother in-in-law, each on horseback, and by Mr.E.Reynolds and R.Gibbons on foot, both of whom resided with Mr.Reynolds, the Glenrowan postmaster. On the road down, Ned Kelly said he was going to fills the ruts around with the fat carcasses of the police. The outlaws each had a light coloured overcoat on, and I was amazed at the bulky appearance which they presented. I had then no knowledge that the outlaws possessed iron armour. Each one carried a bundle in front of him, and in one hand a gun or a rifle.
        Thomas Curnow. RC page 665

    2. Should be a big Joe Byrne opposite the big Ned Kelly in the main street. That would give passing dogs two opportunities to lift a leg.


  11. Flasher spotted at Glenrowan supermarket
    Bwa ha ha
    He can’t see he’s picking up artichokes by mistake
    Bwa ha ha


    1. Its pitiful really, a grown man prancing round in a lightweight replica of a mass killers body armour , and imagining that anyone other than children is going to be impressed by it. Once, a year or two back he boasted how his FB Page had more hits than mine, claiming that this proved something…I forget what ….but since then he has run out of ideas, almost never posts on his Bushranger page and so, clearly, whatever the point was that he was trying to prove, he has now lost it. He has stopped posting abusive FB messages to me because I ignored them…but he and Perry and McGarrigle, Fitzsimons, Peterson, and a few others are all of a kind : blind Kelly devotees and wannabe ‘authorities’ on the Kelly story. Their main problem is none of them is smart enough to get away with it like Jones did…now HE was one smart dude.

      1. Next to Perry, Jager is the biggest fool on the Kelly scene. He adds nothing to it, except for embarrassing moments like this.

        1. J.T.
          the wannabe Jager is a drug fuelled imbecile, pot smoker, thieving rat. How he has managed to fool his followers for this long is truely amazing. Bwa ha ha I guess the scoundrel deserves a second chance life.

          1. I don’t doubt it. Jager is nothing but a back stabbing turd.

  12. McGarrigle, Fitzsimons, Jager says: Reply

    Bwa ha ha

  13. The Boomer says: Reply

    Photos on BBM look like a gathering of tired old M&F tub-a-lards at a wake watching their beers and hoping someone will say something to liven things up. Good thing they can look at their phones to kill time. Will they crawl over to the Jones inn site first thing Wednesday morning so Jager can come staggering through the mist in his coat and helmet, then a seriously drunken breakfast. What a time to be alive!

    1. Perry told the Reporter there would be 50 people…..after looking at the photos and the video , I would say 20 at most. Still, thats 4 more than last year ….John Suta a notable guest, would have felt right at home amongst them – he had a letter in the Chronicle on Friday next to mine, in which he lays out the usual litany of Kelly myths and lies claiming it to be history…so last century!


        Suta wannabe leader of the Bozo misfits still believes Kate was tampered with? like wot da $%#@ after all these years the myth is still floating around as is the republic myth. How and why this is so?

        1. I responded to Suta’s rubbish in the Wangaratta Chronicle, and my letter was published last Friday. I named him and presented the facts. He would have been livid.

          1. Hi Sam, this sounds like a nice change from all the off topic argy-bargy that has been going on here. Factual criticism and not abuse. Could you please put up a screenshot of your letter so we can see your critique?

            1. Hi Stuart
              I took a subscription to the Chronicle so I could see the letters that were published and in addition to Brads there was one from our good friend Brian Stevenson and another from a Local person who also agreed with us. No letters supporting Suta were published


              1. hi David, thanks for posting both of those letters. It seems that even in Wangaratta the truth is fianlly seeping through. Mr Suta keeps suggesting that Ned Kelly should get a pardon based on a ludicrous theory of self-defense, because his trial was only about the murder of Lonigan. The self defense argument has been demolished many times and is entirely based on Ian Jones’s factually wrong claim that McIntyre’s first statement about SBC was the one that appears in John Sadleir’s 1913 Recollections of a Victorian Police Officer. Not only was McIntyre’s first statement in the Prosecution File for Kelly’s trial, where anyone can still read it today, but Jones’s attampt to claim that Sadlier’s recollection was in any way accurate is laughably wrong.

                I have put sections of that demolition of Jones here on this blog at various times, but the key point of all this is that Suta’s suggestion of a pardon not only has no foundation but is prima facie ridiculous given Kelly’s subsequent involvement in the murders of officers Scanlon and Kennedy, not to mention his attempted mass murder by derailment and shooting of anyone on the special train at Glenrowan, plus the two armed bank robberies, innumerable stock thefts, corpse robbing, arson, animal cruelty (the vengeful Murray River horse slayings), wrongful imprisonment of many men, women and children on three occasions, shooting George Metcalf in the face beforfe teh siege at Glenrowan…

                The idea that Kelly would ever get a pardon is nauseating.

            2. Heres Brians Letter


    2. LOL ! THIS ^

      What a non event. A gathering of lonely rejects desperately trying to hold onto the past.

      They are embarrassing themselves more and more, and the funniest thing about them is they take themselves seriously. The Kelly Gang would have run a mile to get away from them.

  14. 26 June – time for the Kelly nuts to celebrate the murder of Aaron Sherritt by Joe Byrne with Dan Kelly assisting.

    1. R.J. Blackmoore says: Reply

      Spoil sport! Neddy was a cutsie-wootsie boy with not a bad bone in his body. He liked to play dress-ups in his cardboard armour and always shared his toys and lollies with the other kids. He never stole from neighbour’s fruit trees and always took their sheep and horses back. (Except that one time when he barbequed a sheep at another kid’s birthday party.) He loved to read Lorna Doone to his little brothers and sisters, and they all loved to hear him put on his best deep voice and read out the part that would inspire him in later life:

      “I heard something, and caught John’s arm, and he bent his hand to the shape of his ear. It was the sound of horses’ feet knocking up through splashy ground, as if the bottom sucked them. Then a grunting of weary men, and the lifting noise of stirrups, and sometimes the clank of iron mixed with the wheezy croning of leather and the blowing of hairy nostrils. The sullen hills were flanked with light, and the valleys chined with shadow, and all the sombrous moors between awoke in furrowed anger.
      “But most of all the flinging fire leaped into the rocky mouth of the glen below me, where the horsemen passed in silence, scarcely deigning to look round. Heavy men and large of stature, reckless how they bore their guns, or how they sate their horses, with leathern jerkins, and long boots, and iron plates on breast and head, plunder heaped behind their saddles, and flagons slung in front of them; I counted more than thirty pass, like clouds upon red sunset. Some had carcasses of sheep swinging with their skins on, others had deer, and one had a child flung across his saddle-bow. Whether the child were dead, or alive, was more than I could tell, only it hung head downwards there, and must take the chance of it. They had got the child, a very young one, for the sake of the dress, no doubt, which they could not stop to pull off from it; for the dress shone bright, where the fire struck it, as if with gold and jewels. I longed in my heart to know most sadly what they would do with the little thing, and whether they would eat it.”

      Kate would look up every time and ask “Did they really eat the child?”
      “Yes”, Ned would say, “they really did”, and Kate would start to cry. Then Ellen would rush over and belt him for upsetting his sister.
      “Ma”, Ned would say, “She has to get used to it and grow a pair.”
      “Don’t speak that way about your sister”, Ellen would yell. “If your Da was here now you’d get a hiding!”
      “When’s Da coming back from gaol?” demanded Ned. “I have to do everything now I’m the man of the house like Uncle Ian says”.
      “Why don’t you read some nice bits?”, Ellen said, “instead of teasing your siblings like that?”
      “Very well”, said Ned, “I will”. And he picked a favourite part in chapter XVII:

      “This valley, or goyal, as we term it, being small for a valley, lies to the west of Linton, about a mile from the town perhaps, and away towards Ley Manor. Our homefolk always call it the Danes, or the Denes, which is no more, they tell me, than a hollow place, even as the word “den” is. However, let that pass, for I know very little about it; but the place itself is a pretty one, though nothing to frighten anybody, unless he hath lived in a gallipot. It is a green rough-sided hollow, bending at the middle, touched with stone at either crest, and dotted here and there with slabs in and out the brambles. On the right hand is an upward crag, called by some the Castle, easy enough to scale, and giving great view of the Channel. Facing this, from the inland side and the elbow of the valley, a queer old pile of rock arises, bold behind one another, and quite enough to affright a man, if it only were ten times larger. This is called the Devil’s Cheese-ring, or the Devil’s Cheese-knife, which mean the same thing, as our fathers were used to eat their cheese from a scoop; and perhaps in old time the upmost rock (which has fallen away since I knew it) was like to such an implement, if Satan eat cheese untoasted.”

      Kate and Dan were drifting off by now and Ned was struggling with some of the big words which made his reading rather boring. Jim had gone outside to kick the horses and Maggie was over at Bill Skilion’s hut helping him in the kitchen (she said). Ellen was poking the fire sadly and thinking about Red eating cold porridge in a cold, cold cell. “Stupid fool got caught”, she moaned quietly to herself. “Where did I go wrong?”

      To be continued…


      1. Oh this is all so funny…really!

        I love the Fruity Fun image.

        And best of all stupid old Bob and his co-delusionalists are going CRAZY, absolutely CRAZY with rage and indignation at whats happening here. Fabulously, as usual they are claiming its all MY work –

        But on a serious note….no forget it…these pathetic idiots are a laughing stock, and need to be called out for their partying and drinking on the anniversary of a weekend when people were killed and traumatised because of a truly abominable criminal murderer…the only things people should have been celebrating were the destruction of the Gang and the true hero, Thomas Curnow but I didnt see one post or notice one toast about wither of those two things…disgusting.

        1. The angry old pensioners should get a new hobby, poor Bob keeps trawling the net day and night to report to his leaders and to ‘stick up for his mates’. HA! If only he knew he didn’t have any. His pathetic desperation to prove a link to the Lloyd’s (of all people) would put anyone off. They obviously NEED to believe there are only one or two who see them for what they are, so let them keep believing that myth they have created, after all, believing in myths is all they’re good for.

    2. Billy Boggs says: Reply

      Canny, no one would celebrate the murder of Aaron.

  15. Anonymous Har Har says: Reply

    Lazy Larry’s Last Lyrics —

    Ned Kelly was born in a ramshackle hut
    A drunkard since he was a kid
    He was so dumb that he failed grade four
    And stuffed up most things that he did

    Ned Kelly was stupid that’s what they all said
    He could hardly count even to ten
    He counted his toes when he got out of bed
    To make sure they were all there

    Ned Kelly was nearly drowned in a creek
    But another boy pulled him out
    Ned took all the credit and stole the boy’s sash
    And boasted about it the lout

    Ned Kelly got famous “the best bloody man”
    That some of the dumbest had seen
    They worshipped him even after his crimes
    The worst that Australia had seen

    Ned Kelly was stupid enough for ten men
    And mentally sick through and through
    He sniveled for mercy when captured at last
    A yellow streaked toad it is true

    (One sleep till the anniversary of pooping pants Ned’s capture 💩💩💩💩)

  16. Tonight is the anniversary of the night the Kelly gang got their comeuppance and the rule of law was restored in Victoria. Tomorrow morning celebrates the capture of Ned Kelly after his walk out of the bush behind the hotel and his failed suicide by cop. The next big celebration is 11 November when he got his just desserts at the hands of Upjohn the common hangman. He could not escape the long arm of justice forever,

    1. Hi Steve, you are correct, and if you haven’t seen it I recommend you download my free book “Ned Kelly and the myth of a republic of north-eastern Victoria” from the link at the top of this page. It especially goes into the timeline of the siege and shows how Ian Jones made massive mistakes in his Short Life book about practically every significant thing that happened. For example, he claimed there was a sympathiser army summoned to Glenrowan to be led by Kelly to establish a republic in the north east. At one time he claimed that Kelly had an idea to declare a republic of the whole of Victoria. (That is in the back of Brian Carroll’s 1970s book “Ned Kelly, Bushranger” and in one of his video interviews.) Both the republic claim and the sympathiser army are entirely fictitious nonsense and I demolished them in forensic detail in my book.

      The other massive Clanger is his claim that Kelly walked through the police line in armour THREE TIMES during the siege – out, then in, then out again. He maintained this nonsense since 1967 and it is in the Man & Myth book. It was swallowed uncritically by many people since, including other Kelly authors. It was always a preposterous claim defying common sense, and I demolished that one as well.

      There are many more such nonsense claims that revolve around Jones’s Kelly republic myth and exposed a great pile of them with full source referencing. How did Jones get away with having so many historical misconceptions and blunders in print for over 50 years? The answer is that he was a great storyteller and that Kelly was never a significant figure in Australian history, just a fringe hobby interest which never attracted much academic scrutiny.

      The couple of academically trained authors that wrote Kelly books around 1980 (McQuilton and McMenomy) were Jones enthusiasts and eagerly followed the lines of his narrative – I analysed and demolished McQuilton’s claims for a sympathiser army in my Republic myth book too – and the only Professor to tackle Kelly was Molony in 1980, who also swallowed the Kelly republic nonsense from the same leg-pullers who had sucked Jones in,

      Jones’s work had never been subjected to rigorous critical scrutiny until Ian Macfarlane blew numerous massive holes in it in his 2012 book “The Kelly Gang Unmasked”, which some found hard to read as it used a thematic structure instead of the usual narrative structure. It was nevertheless the ignition point for the ongoing critical review of Kelly myths, many of them due to Jones’s amateur historical bungling, that continues to this day.

      Don’t take my accusations of bungling as silly insults. Jones also wilfully twisted and selectively used historical sources to build a false narrative about Kelly that has had a huge influence, especially among people who think the 1980 Last Outlaw TV miniseries is anything close to reality. It is full of historical distortions and factual mistakes. If you want a short and simple exposure of some of Jones’s deliberate twisting of history, read my article “Ned Kelly’s shooting of George Metcalf, labourer” which you can find on several websites. It is timely to read this now, as Kelly shot Metcalf in the face before the Glenrowan siege began, then kept him prisoner, denying him the chance of medical treatment in case he warned anyone about what was going on at Glenrowan. Kelly was really a despicable character, nothing heroic at all.


    Being called a coward by the most irrelevant person on the Kelly scene aka Bob McGarrigle, is a compliment. He made a point of commenting how my comments don’t get ‘under his skin’. FYI McG, commenting how much it doesn’t just shows how much it DOES! HAHA! He is obviously one of the biggest fans of David’s blog, and cannot stay away. His promises of never looking here are even more empty than his pity posts about leaving facebook altogether, then of course returning like the bad smell he is two seconds later. No one cares if you exist or not Bob!

    Hey Bob, you will no doubt make comments about how this doesn’t bother you either, of course you will, you can’t help yourself. So after you get clacking more tedious comments on your keyboard, take a Bex and lie down, before you really strain your brain.

    Thanks for the laughs Bob ,and for letting me know how angry you really are. HAHA!

  18. OK thats enough guys!

    Bob and his mob are all in melt down now and it cant be good for their Blood Pressures.

    This Glenrowan weekend gathering proved yet again that Perry, the Toad and the BBM sympathisers are a very small, completely insignificant little cabal of blind pathetic bigots who like children still think that an argument is calling someone names.

    Unlike them, we are not going to stupidly vow never to visit their pages or never discuss them or their idiocy, but theres a limit to how comprehensively we need to rub their noses in their own stupidity. I think we’ve reached it for now.

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      Praise the Lord.

      This blog has some great reading and worthwhile points for discussion.

      But what a sewer it has become. A real shame.

      1. Marc Perry says: Reply

        Anonymous or is it PJ Kelly? Have we hit the spot have we?
        stick to your bible studies, repent the sins and deeds of your former self before you pass judgment.
        the lord is with thee and the lord is merciful

  19. Fair enough. It just gives them something to talk about, because they can’t ‘talk Kelly’ without having their Last Outlaw dvds handy. We have just given Bob and PJ a reason to live, at least for this week.

    Still, it was fun while it lasted.

  20. The toad’s facebook hate page has more hate every day. The toadies love big toad and how he boasts about shutting down pages where anyone disagree with him. He shut down 50 forum jar pages because he was losing the debate on all of them. Now he has led his toadies on a mass attack on Dave W. the only one with any brains who posted there. Pyjamas Kelly is threatening to beat up anyone face to face as he is “old school”. Did he even finish school? The rabid pensioner has been frothing for days on end but who cares. The toad has three or four toadies that do most comments on his page and most are just mindless abuse and attacks on this page. What is funny is more people post here than there.


  21. Anonymous says: Reply

    New book out, looks interesting…


  22. Havent read this one yet. From memory, Kelly was Upjohns first hanging and he got it right!

  23. upjohn did his best work when it came to kelly

  24. PLEASE NOTE : I turned Moderation OFF a long time ago, once the Trolls stopped posting stuff. Moderating posts before publication was annoying for me and annoying for people wanting to Post , but this latest stream of Posts is getting beyond a joke so Ive turned Moderation back ON. Your post will have to be seen by me before it goes up from now on so make it reasonable….

  25. Hello David, thank you for cleverly exposing Mr Fitzsimons and his band of brothers.
    For several years now I followed Fitzsimons unmasked page. The abuse he hurled towards you and your followers is beyond words.
    I took the time to read the interaction between yourself and Mr White and finally see the light and who is truly to be blamed.
    Thank you for the truth and exposing the finks.


  26. My good Doctor with this recent derailment of the Fitzy debacle is hilarious and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Curious what his followers are now thinking? Most would be in damage control trying to save their own skins from further humiliation and ridacule
    A glass of Tequila and a good night to all.


    1. Welcome back Amigo.
      Yes Fitzy is busted all right and I havent finished with him yet.
      I dont know if youre old enough to remember Prime Minister Paul Keating but he famously said of his political opponent “I’m going to do you slowly”

      Heres the Video:


      1. Hilarious my good Doctor. I await patiently as you sort him out “slowly”. There is no going back for his clowns of misfits.
        I have just discovered that Fitzsimmons secretly fancies himself as Bozo the clown. We’ve always knew he enjoyed playing the fool and here is prove.


  27. Dave White. says: Reply

    Daniel G, to what do you refer!

    1. mr white I refer to fitzsimmons and his band of misfits. rowsell, perry,jagar, slattery and peterson
      {I now refer to the above as misfits not brothers}

      1. Anonymous says: Reply

        Fitz slaggs off everyone


        1. What has Dave White done to deserve this?
          Clearly Fitzy has no empathy or compassion for others. Dear Lord this was a question Fitzy asked one the NKTTS followers not so long ago. Contradiction at its best.
          Fitzy, clean up your backyard as the Turds are piling up.

          1. The sympathiser mob have started eating their own ; those repulsive and utterly abusive references to Dave and Sharon made by the toad and bob and others are contemptible……and of course the duplicitous Perry averts his gaze from it and pretends he hasnt seen how people he publicly describes as friends are being savaged by cretins whose approval he is afraid to lose…I dont know how Dave can stand being anywhere near any of these frightful scum…

        2. Dave White says: Reply

          Thanks for sharing, I can’t see what goes on there. I don’t mind a competition but this is a real challenge! It seems to me that simply posting here is enough to win a prize. What did we do prior to social media? Face to face conflict I guess.

          1. Have you been blocked from the Toads page too Dave?

            1. Yes I can’t find it anywhere.
              I have to come here or friends that go there let me know.
              There is so much hate out there now.
              A lot of misinformation as well.
              Do we all wish to be arguing on our death beds?

              1. Actually Dave the hate that youre talking about is coming from just a very small handful of extremist uninformed bullies and bigots who have been crawling around the Kelly world for a decade or more and have found a home with the toad and Bob, two of the leading haters. Their hate is matched by frustration and anger that they havent been able to silence this Blog and my FB pages where the mythology is being relentlessly exposed and rolled back. They can see that the true story is prevailing and they hate it….

                But I wouldnt say I have hate for them – they have every right to believe whatever nonsense they want to. What I have is contempt and disdain for their bullying tactics, their hypocrisy and personal lack of integrity, and for their readiness to misinform and lie about the facts of the story and about me.

  28. Yuk


  29. Ned's Last Stand says: Reply

    Kissing cousins


    1. Aaron Sherrit says: Reply



      1. Thats an image I posted on The True Story Facebook page to illustrate how the feral Kelly sympathisers are eating their own.

  30. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    When I tried to do a new post about my Ned Kelly silk scarf at the Best Bloody Man page it said that it was being reviewed by moderators. Never had that before. Is it because of the exchange from yesterday? Hope that exchange gives the same gales of laughter to others that it gave me. Soooo, I am the one stifling debate and not wanting others to have different opinions? Are we in clown world or what? At least now he will double down on picking on me (so what else is new? I have now blocked him and will never see his BS again) and leave the others alone for a while. I am taking one for the team! Here are the comments at BBM I refer to — Sharon Hollingsworth
    Bill Denheld had asked me where the best place (see what I did there?) was to keep up with what was happening in the Kelly world and I sent him the Best Bloody Man link as it is the place to be (despite having certain troublemaking members who lower the overall tone). I hope everyone behaves kindly towards him.
    Mark Perry
    Sharon Hollingsworth thanks Sharon. Cheers. Bill will be very welcome here. Spoke to him the other night and he is still full of energy. Looking forward to seeing his book before too long hopefully.
    Mick Fitz
    Sharon Hollingsworth I believe the troublemakers have all been kicked out and have gone back to their Kelly Hate Page. Remarks like yours about troublemakers, lowers the overall tone here and it may stifle debate by some thinking they cannot have a different opinion, or questions something. Let us keep the page friendly shall we. 🙂
    Sharon Hollingsworth
    Mick Fitz That is comedy gold!

    1. Hi Sharon so good to have you back

      Your “comedy gold” comment was priceless, and exactly correct. The fact that the toad is on that Page at all reveals everything you need to know about the BBM Moderators, and their page. Its not a Page I would have recommended to anyone TBH as I was sickened to see slimy Perry once again big noting himself and making announcements about Bills book which wasnt his news to pass on but as usual he smooth talks his way into gaining information which he then uses to promote himself as the great circus master whose finger is on the pulse. You and I have known about Bills book for a very long time but have respected that its Bills news not ours to share or abuse. Perry of course makes out he is your friend but he is nobodies friend but his own, and is a person I now see in the exact same light as I do the Toad, the difference being that the Toad is much more stupid than Perry and so that makes Perry more dangerous. Did he object to the bullshit response the Toad directed at you? No , of course not ….This is the guy who has called me a cunt, a fuckstick, a cocktank, a vicious little prick, a psycho, insane…etc etc… Such filth coming out of that man explodes the carefully manicured image he likes to project of civility, stick in hand, cap and scarf, the hail-fellow well met fake bonhomie….

      I really do hope Bill isnt also taken in any further by Perry, because Perry didnt stick up for Bill when he was being attacked by the toad and Bob and Phelan and all the other uninformed rabble who savaged Bill becasue he did some metal detecting near the Dead Kennedy Tree, and Perry recently posted that the dead Kennedy Tree WAS the actual tree….even though those claims were twice rejected by experts, and the Kennedy Tree group now refuses to discuss their claims.

      In regard to your silk scarf post, why not put it on your Blog? Then I can mention it and post a link to it? Youre wasting your time with the drongos and fools on the BBM site IMHO>

  31. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    PJ Kelly has clarified that it was to stop porn and other annoying advertising posts at BBM and not due to me or others. So, that is good. Regarding sending Bill Denheld to BBM for the latest in the Kelly world, where else is there to go where breaking news and events are mentioned and discussed? Dave White’s Collecting Ned page is private and mainly focused on collecting memorabilia with a few other postings there. I also would not send him to a popular Kelly forum that I am not welcome at and at which I was literally booted off of (not naming names) so the options are very limited. Lots more I could say, but will wait and let the chips fall where they may for now. I have done as you requested. I have done a blog post about the Ned Kelly silk scarf and have gone a little further and taken photos of all of the depictions of the Kelly exploits in the border section. You can go to my blog to get the link if you desire. I am also considering doing a small blog post re-linking the Strange Woman from Benalla article I wrote and updating it with a small epiphany I had while listening to the audio version of the book of Psalms the other night. I was so relaxed and enjoying the Word and nearly falling peacefully asleep when all of a sudden I bolted upright! It made mention of a “strange woman” and it was not alluding to someone who is unknown to the local citizens as I had always figured was the case at the siege. It is something more and very apt to the Kelly situation! stay tuned!

    1. OK thanks Sharon I shall get onto it ASAP.

      But once he had determined your post did not contain Porn did PJ Kelly post it?

      1. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

        Yes, the post in question was the silk scarf one. Also, one clarification, the strange woman references were in Proverbs, not Psalms, but I had been listening to both in recent days.

        1. Well I am pleased you got it posted. I havent seen it there…

          And getting your Psalms and your Proverbs mixed up is so easy …I am doing it all the time Sharon! But yes I look forward to the ‘strange woman’ epiphany.

  32. Posts need to be moderated at all public groups. It’s madness not to and I was often spotting porn and scam links late at night. Especially those stupid click bait ones with the fake death of a celebrity. Eventually they had to be stopped and were by PJ. Cheers.

    1. On here I initially allowed people to post directly, then of course the Trolls like Fitzsimons and Bob and others all posted crap anonymously so I turned Moderation ON and after a few months they stopped even trying so I turned Moderation OFF again, and it has been that way for several years. Moderating Posts is a pain for the person posting and for me too….but its become necessary again I am afraid. What the hell is wrong with these people?

  33. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    Great, now I am being accused of stealing other people’s research by the toad! UNREAL. This guy needs to stop the lies and his vendetta against me (and others) needs to cease. When I think of all the time in the past 20 years I spent researching and reading and sifting through primary and secondary sources only to be accused of being a thief is beyond the pale. Others can find the same stuff if they dig deep enough, but if I find it on my own then I am a thief? Reminds me of the time Judy Douthie had a go at Dave White over the John Lowe letter! Why is this person trying to destroy my reputation and why won’t someone put a stop to it? All I can do is pray, which is something that infuriates him. Next he will probably say that I am lying about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

    1. I am 100% with you Sharon. The man is a blind toxic and stupid buffoon who wont ever be any different. His recent taunt about looking forward to seeing people wiping egg of their faces shows what a puerile and stupid man he is, a man who has completely failed to understand what this is all about : its about getting to the truth of the matter, whatever it is. If he has some FACTS to reveal let him do it – and I will welcome it – but my strong suspicion is that he wont have even ONE fact that affects anything about the Outbreak. It will just be gossip, innuendo and muck-raking which is his stock-in-trade…… but just as likely, this book he claims to be researching for will never see the light of day. I will be truely STAGGERED if it ever does.

      What is truely dismaying and at the same time astonishing to me is that he is not only a protected species on BBM, but he has enabled the transformation of it into a place that is now overrun by low IQ bullies like Roswell and Pyjamas Kelly and other idiots I could list. Perhaps even more remarkable has been the way Perry has mutated in the toads presence into a parody of his former reasonable self, into someone as toxic and as abusive and as hypocritical as the toad has been for a decade.

      I have known about the Toads Fake ID as “Sarah” for years, and why I didnt expose him for the lying hypocrite he is years ago I dont know but I am going to expose him at every opportunity from now on.

  34. Brendan M. says: Reply

    The brains trust in order of rankness. The usual suspects, toad first.


  35. The original ‘hippo-crit’ aka the Toad also went by another fake ID, and has been laughing in the faces of his friends and enemies for years. He was, and is, a person some would pay a higher reward for than what was offered for the Kelly’s.

    I’ll give anyone interested a big hint. Not only does the Toad like using names and photos of children, he also likes nature. More specifically ………………..impoverished flora.

    1. Poor Flower????

      From memory was perceived as an idiotic school girl with a pink texter…

      Yes, that would be him!!

      1. DING DING DING !!!!!!!

  36. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    Here is something I never knew back in the day when Poor Flower tormented all of us causing Dave to finally say “let’s delete all our comments” and I followed him as I do in most things (but bore the full brunt of the fury, lol) – according to a screenshot from 2012 at Bill Denheld’s website under the feedback section, Poor Flower was listed as MODERATOR there. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!

    1. That would have been before my time but do you have the screenshot? I want to see it . What youre suggesting is that it was Bill – unless someone else was also a Moderator on his site. It would be interesting to solve this decade old mystery Sharon.

    2. O, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood 🤪

      1. OK I get it now Sharon! But I think the moderator was posting as “For member poor flower” so for some reason Poorflower was unable to post himself.

    3. I would not have let you take the brunt had I known but I took 7 years off and never looked back. I missed all this Forum jar crap too. What is the point of giving over all our replies if a person causing grief is allowed to do so without consequences.

      1. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

        Too right, Dave! So many don’t know the full extent of what went on and how bad it got and the personal threats made. They would have done the same as us but sooner probably if they had to be subjected to all of it. Some of those who swear to know the full truth of it don’t know squat. lol

  37. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    No, NOT saying it was Bill!!! Was saying that Bill showed the screenshot from the KC2K site on one of his pages. Will go get the link for the page. Hang on!

  38. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    Here is the link. Some other good information on that page I had almost forgotten about such as the woman who ran the “Bolted” exhibition saying she was threatened by someone in the Kelly world! http://www.denheldid.com/twohuts/feedback.html

  39. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    Hmmm… at first glance it looked like Poor Flower had the title of moderator. Bill seemed to think so in that posting. Regardless, that Poor Flower person caused such a ruckus at the time and I would surely know exactly who it was!

  40. Sharon Hollingsworth says: Reply

    Meant to say surely would like to know! Too bad we cannot edit our replies! 🙂

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