There’s a tiny cohort of Kelly fanatics who are completely obsessed with attacking me personally, because they don’t like my opinions about the Kelly story. They once had access to my Facebook pages and Blog but eventually, because they never posted anything other than direct abusive attacks and lies about me, I banned them.  I want my Pages and Blog to be full of robust discussions about the Kelly story, not places for personal attack and vilification. 

So, their personal attacks on me – and others  –  now continue from their own Facebook pages, as you will see if you visit the one hosted by Jack Peterson which he calls “An Introduction to Ned Kelly”. But this Post is not about me – their immature name calling and mudslinging reflects only how shallow and desperate they are – this post is about their obsession with character assassination as a tactic. 

Character assassination as a tactic is not something these particular Kelly fanatics invented : in fact, their hero made it one of his own, so they are merely following his example. Remember this?  “Big ugly fat wombat headed….” etc etc

Once again though they are attacking the character of Constable Fitzpatrick. What we know about his personal life is this: he had a relationship with a woman that failed some time after he had fathered a child with her. He paid maintenance to the child’s mother Jessie McKay. Next, when working in Richmond, he had a relationship with Anna Savage,  – he was transferred to Benalla and later she too became pregnant. In July 1878 Fitzpatrick married Anna, they had a couple more children and the marriage lasted until Fitzpatricks death in 1924, 46 years! Thats all we actually know.

Petersons version of these facts is laced with perjorative and judgemental language aimed at assassination of Fitzpatricks character, and hints at some kind of moral depravity:

“It was while stationed there (Richmond) that he became involved with another woman (Anna Savage) resulting in yet another child. Fitzpatrick was quickly transferred to Benalla leaving yet another woman and child behind”


 Peterson then introduces a claim which is a lie invented by the Kellys and gleefully promoted ever since by fanatical sympathisers like Peterson who dont give a damn about facts or evidence:


“It was at Benalla that he set his sights on his next victim by striking up a friendship with Kate Kelly.”

Ive discussed this disgraceful allegation and all its variations which extend to labelling Fitzpatrick a rapist before, and Peterson has never challenged it. I am not going to go over it yet again but its a lie. A vile and disgusting lie.


The truth is we know almost nothing of the precise details of Fitzpatricks private life : he may indeed have been a ‘cad’ but who knows? One point AGAINST that idea is that he paid maintenance for the illegitimate child, and another is that he married Anna Savage and remained married to her for 46 years. Equally, its not that rare for young men and women to have relationships that fail and for children to be born out of wedlock – the fact doesnt automatically mean bad faith or that the male involved was on the hunt for ‘victims’ as Peterson suggests.

But here’s the real problem that Peterson and his sad cronies have : his ‘holier-than-thou- attitude, and his selective application of moral judgements  and condemnation of people whose circumstances he knows nothing about is gross hypocrisy. He and his supporters know nothing at all about me or my personal history, they know nothing at all about the detail of Fitzpatrick’s personal attitudes and circumstances but in both cases, he doesn’t let complete ignorance stand in the way of sweeping public denunciations and condemnations.


The irony of this, and the point where this hypocrisy is exposed so vividly is that the known and verified moral indiscretions of the Kellys themselves are far more scandalous than Fitzpatricks ever were, but of course not one of them is EVER mentioned by the character assassin Peterson or any of his lackeys whose craven lick-spittle approach to the Kelly story leaves them completely deaf dumb and blind to the actual truth.. …their grave concern about moral failures completely disappears when it come to any indiscretions and moral failures inside the Kelly clan: of those, not a peep.


So now that’s about to change. But all I am going to do is list proven facts, not speculation innuendo allegation or vilification: just facts…so…..


……lets start with Ned Kellys mother ; an Irish catholic – right Jack?

  • Lost her virginity at 18 ( I presume?) to a 30-year-old man, got pregnant and so married him half way through the pregnancy.
  • After he died she had an affair and an illegtimate child with Bill Frost. Sued him for maintenance.
  • Two years later had another affair, got pregnant again so married George King and lied about her age on the Marriage certificate. Thats two shotgun weddings! 

Lets look at her daughter Maggie, another Catholic :

  • Husband in prison so she had an affair  (- thats adultery jack OK?) and two illegitimate children with Tom Lloyd. Never married him.


How about another of Ellens daughters Jack : Annie, another catholic:

  • Husband in prison for horse stealing: had an affair ( adultery again Jack) with a married policeman, another illegitimate child!



How about Ellen Kellys brother James, also a Catholic, aged 32

  • Went to his sister Margarets place and tried to force himself on 21 year old Jane Graham : thats attempted rape Jack, Bob Mick and the rest of you, do you understand?
  • When Margaret intervened Patrick knocked her out with a single punch to the face and this is what the Doctor reported when he examined her later “She had one wound two inches long from the mouth up toward the eye, cut right through to the mouth, and two other wounds about the lip and one on the nose, separating the cartilage from the bones. …. She had lost a good deal of blood.”


Do I need to remind you also of the animal cruelty that landed Jack Quinn, one of Ellen Kellys brothers-in-law in Gaol for four years? Heres part of what the Judge said at the time:  “ the prisoner had been convicted of a most diabolical offence. Had he shot the horse, and killed it outright, the case would have been very different, but to mutilate an unfortunate animal which could not help itself, so brutally, simply out of spite to its owner, was unpardonable. “

Lets see : thats Ellen Kellys three conceptions outside wedlock, plus lying, two of her daughters committing adultery we wouldn’t have heard about except they got pregnant and gave birth to illegitimate children, one sexual assault, one grievous bodily harm and one animal cruelty !

So Jack and all the rest of you Kelly fancying hypocrites : if you want to talk about moral failure and make judgements about alleged sexual indiscretions, whenever you mention them from now on be warned : mention ALL of them not just a select few or I’ll be reminding everyone about the facts, the huge litany of them that decorate the Kelly story – not allegations and aspersions and hints like the ones you liars toss around about me and about Fitzpatrick – but the facts you like to ignore about your heroes the Kellys. The Unfortunate truth.

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  1. Jack is just like his mate, Ned Kelly. A compulsive liar, and with his latest diatribe, he has excelled with his lies.
    Here are some of his latest lies.
    1. “Cst Fitzpatrick was of questionable character even before the incident at the Kelly house in 1878.”
    NO Jack, his record was exemplary, as Dr. Stuart Dawson established in his summation of the events at the Kelly home. That fact is well known, but Jack will not accept facts.
    2. “It was at Benalla that he set his sights on his next victim by striking up a friendship with Kate Kelly”.
    NO Jack, Dr Stuart Dawson showed that to be a load of rubbish, and even Ned Kelly said it did not happen.
    3. “Fitzpatrick was instructed to take charge of the police station at Greta and en-route, after drinks at a local shanty proceeded to the Kelly house to arrest Dan Kelly for horse-stealing.
    NO Jack, Constable Fitzpatrick had one glass of brandy and lemonade only. That is a well established fact, but Jack in his usual way tells lies to build his false case against Fitzpatrick.
    4. “many believe he had molested young Kate and Mrs Kelly, Ned and Dan came to her rescue.” It is well established that Kate Kelly made up that nonsense some 10 months after the event to discredit Fitzpatrick. Even Ned Kelly said it did not occur after he was captured.
    5. “It is without question that this incident more than anything else was the catalyst for the Kelly Outbreak”. RUBBISH Jack. This incident was at the very end of Ned Kelly’s horse stealing enterprise being torn apart further north with the arrest of the Baumgarten brothers and others. Fitzpatrick was innocently attending the Kelly home to arrest Dan Kelly for a legally issued warrant for horse stealing.
    6. “He was discharged when his behaviour was deemed to have more in common with criminals than the police”. Another Lie Jack. Fitzpatrick was dismissed without being given a reason. He was later told it was for insubordination. Was he given an opportunity to defend himself? Of course not. Even after the population of Lancefield organised two petitions asking for him to re re-instated, they were denied. If ever a man was badly treated, it was this poor man.
    7. “Even his death at the age of 68 was obviously due to years of alcohol abuse.”
    Now Jack, you know that statement is a lie. Fitzpatrick died from cancer and that is a well established fact and you know that.

    Jack Peterson is grasping at myths, lies and fiction that has been proven time and time again to be fictitious nonsense.
    There won’t be many places for Jack to hide when all the myths, lies and fiction that he promotes is gone from all government sites. With The Ned Kelly Touring Route replacing all the myths, and the State Library, Victoria already taking down all the pages that contain myths, lies and fiction relating to the Kelly’s that are to be replaced with factual information, with many more government departments to replace the myths.
    He looks like a shag on a lonely rock now, but after all the myths are gone, he will have nowhere to go.

    1. Jack wont ever concede to having been wrong about anything “Sam”.He and his odious little gang of blind Kelly fanatics will never change and its pointless trying to change them. Instead, as youve done we need to keep pointing out the garbage he posts so that other people with an open mind can see what the truth is.

      As I said, just as we still have people who believe the earth is flat, the moon landings were faked and evolution didnt happen, there will always be a little bunch of blind idiots who believe the mass killer Ned Kelly was a hero. How bizarre – but that how some peoples minds work once theyve swallowed the Kool Aide.

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